Weekend Down Time: My Pampering Session with Pixi


I’m a sucker for anything that controls my oily skin and gives me a flawless complexion. Aside from my daily skincare routine and the supplements that I drink every night, I make sure to get a facial treatment once a month to remove impurities and achieve a natural glow. Sometimes, however, when I’m swamped with articles to write for my beauty blog, I’m left with zero time to visit my skincare clinic.

I make up for it by giving myself a quick pampering session using my two favorite products from Pixi by Petra’s Skintreats collection: Glow Mud Mask and Beauty Sleep Cream.

Undercover: The Combination Skin’s Guide to Flawless Base


Let’s face it, having combination skin can be troublesome especially when it comes to base makeup. Having an oily T-zone, dry and flaky sides can be rough (literally) when you’re trying to find the right base make-up that won’t oxidize, melt or highlight the dry patches of skin.

Not to worry glambabes! We’ve scoured dozens of beauty products and tried different tips and tricks (so you don’t have to) and come up with these tried and tested beauty tips and products for a more flawless base make-up all year long.

Everyone needs to use Snail Gunk! Stat!


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The Koreans know what’s up with their wonder products made from Snail Slime. Yes you heard that right! Snail slime or Snail Mucin has amazing properties that nourish, repair and protect the skin!

The benefits of Snail Slime was discovered when Snail farmers from Chile discovered that their hands were incredibly softer and smoother due to constant handling and harvesting of snails for the market.

So how does it work? 

Snails have very soft flesh which can easily get injured while travelling rocky and sharp surfaces which is why they produce snail slime which contains skin-loving stuff like Hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein enzymes, antimicrobial and copper peptides, and proteoglycans which help the skin repair and renew itself.

Snail slime is not only good for older skin types but is also good for sun-damaged, sensitive, scarred and acne-prone skin as well since it helps nourish, repair and protect the skin from further damage. Its antimicrobial properties is also useful for acne prone skin types.


Want to give Snail Slime a try? Below are some snail products from cult Korean Brand: Farmstay 

Must I Mist? Three Different Facial Mists and What They’re For



One trend we’ve seen in beauty is the rise of facial mists, which is no surprise for us, considering we live in a tropical country where the heat literally melts the foundation off our faces. Summer is definitely the perfect season to own a bottle, because apart from using it to refresh your skin in the middle of the day, different types of facial mists actually have different purposes! Some allow makeup to last longer or prevent your base from looking cakey, while others give a burst of hydration.

The girls over at the Pixi by Petra headquarters in United Kingdom have concocted three different types, and if you’re confused as to what facial mist to use or what they’re for, here’s a quick overview on each!

Life-Changing Skincare Products



I grew up with the angry-looking pizza type of acne but if you see me now, you can barely see traces of the pizza-faced oily mess that used to be my skin. I worked hard to get to where my skin is now and I have an arsenal of products, treatments and dermatologist to thank for that.

I have combination skin which leans towards the sensitive side so I try to avoid products with alcohol and sulfates. I am a huge fan of Korean and Japanese skincare since they tend to work well with my skin type. Each skin is different and may react to products differently but after years of trial and error, I have found my Holy Grail skincare items that I always use or go back to whenever I want to look flawless and poreless.