Real People: Bianca Guidotti


Full of beauty, heart, and class—this edition’s Real People features Bianca Guidotti, who represented the Philippines in the Miss International 2014 pageant in Japan. Currently a fashion model, she is also an advocate for humanitarian response to widespread devastation, where working in a local NGO opened her eyes that the most significant and sustainable change is made at the grass-root level.

Read more about this Beauty Queen with a huge heart here.

1. What is your day like as a beauty queen/model/advocate?

My schedule can range from being completely packed to absolutely free from one day to the next. I love being busy but I do welcome the days wherein I can just relax and spend time with myself.

On busy days, the day usually starts early and ends late. Call time for photoshoots and runway shows can be as early as 6am and end as late as 10pm. One particularly grueling job had me come to the venue at 2am! It was at a mall and the shoot needed to be finished by the time the mall opened at 10am. To top it off, the day before I had a fashion show that ended at around 10pm, which gave me absolutely no time to sleep before showing up to my 2am call time a few hours later. But the job can be a lot of fun and help you go to places you would otherwise not go to. Recently, I was invited to the soft opening of the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity Building in UP Los Banos as one of their Biodiversity Champions. It was my first time in the campus and I was in awe with the nature encompassing the whole ground.

On free days, I like to spend time with friends and family as well my fur baby (his name is Gordo, puppy in the picture attached). I also like to workout, either at the gym or do some running in my old Alma Mater (Ateneo De Manila). I make it a point to visit Blue Water Day Spa at least twice a month. I think women should not be afraid to take time to take care of themselves. Set a date where you can relax both your mind and body from the stress of every day life.

2. What beauty item you can’t live without?

Waterproof Mascara. There is nothing like a good waterproof mascara to get you through whatever the day might throw at you. Applying mascara helps widen and brighten your eyes, making your face light up. Of course, skincare is still number one because great makeup starts with healthy and happy skin.

Real People: Bea Santiago, Miss International 2013


Statuesque beauty who is definitely a head turner, yet down-to-earth and sweet, that was my first impression of Bea Santiago. I have known about her since her big win in 2013 when she was crowned Miss International, following the footsteps of Lara Quigaman who won in 2006. I only met her personally at the airport one fine day this summer in Bohol by happenstance. She truly is stunning on and off cam! Since winning the crown, she has become a celebrity in her own right – travel show host, TV and events presenter, fashion model and advocate of her chosen charities. Find out how she keeps her skin gorgeous, her fave beauty discovery and more… Happy reading!   – Lia, Glamourbox CEO


1. What is your day like as a beauty queen/model? How has winning the Miss International crown changed your life?

I usually play with my dogs first right when I get up (I sleep with all 3 frenchies and poms)—they make me the happiest. Usually I’m always out of town filming a travel show or hosting an event or judging pageants. So as much as I can, when I’m not working, I make sure I’m at home with my dogs, watching Game of Thrones with my boyfriend, cleaning my home, and checking on my plants. Winning changed my life, of course! I get to work with charities I can only dream of working with like UN and UNFPA. I am sent to places teaching and hearing the youth about teenage pregnancies and HIV problems as well as employment problems facing them. I also helped my hometown by collecting books for the library we opened 2 years ago.


Makeup Maven: Meet Sylvina Lopez


Model: LJ Harbord | Photo: Koji Arboleda | Hair: Eddiemar Calbitez | Stylist & Producer: Ning Nunez

Sylvina Lopez is no doubt a talented makeup artist. When you visit her Instagram page, you will see the range of her skills – from natural, glowing beauties to beautifully horrific creatures. I won’t be surprised if you find yourself drawn to the photos and admiring the details of her work. I have worked with her for magazine features and I totally love what she does to make my skin look dewy in a jiffy. And then I admire her tedious work on the colorful and alien-like looks which I hope one day she’d also try on me (seriously!).

Well, I am happy to share that Sylvina will be helping us create beautiful (and perhaps out of this world) looks! We look forward to her tips and tricks on two extremes– how to achieve natural, flawless, dewy makeup looks and how we can also play with color texture to achieve fun looks!  – Lia, Glamourbox CEO 

Real People: Meriam Ahari, Cosmopolitan Philippines Beauty Editor

Meeting Meriam Ahari was serendipitous. She packed her bags and left her job in publishing in New York and moved to Manila with her boyfriend, Shane, in October 2014. Prior to coming to the Philippines, my husband Kevin received an email from a friend about Meriam’s big move. It turned out, Meriam’s mom and Kevin have a common friend in Washington. The connection may sound bizarre but since I’ve met Meriam over a year ago, we have become really good friends! Beyond our shared passion for everything related to beauty, Meriam is a warm and kind-hearted free-spirit who is just so hard not to like! Take a glimpse of her newfound life in Manila and some of her beauty secrets (including why she always has thick, sexy hair!), as well as skincare must-haves. – Lia, Glamourbox CEO




1. What is your day like as the Beauty Editor of Cosmo Philippines?

I spend my days attending events, writing at my desk, or on set for shoots. People think being a beauty editor means visiting glamorous spas and playing with makeup all day, but a lot of hard work, stressful deadlines, and long hours go into the magazine. It’s actually rare that I have time to get a facial or have my nails done, so I usually end up sending other editors to go in my place.


2. What beauty item can’t you live without?

There are so many! My hair couldn’t survive without Klorane dry shampoo and Oribe texturizing spray. Unfortunately, neither are available in Manila so I have to stock up whenever I go home to the States. I wear a cat-eye every single day, so I guess black liquid liner would be my makeup must-have.

3. What’s your one beauty indulgence?

I will pay good money for a quality anti-aging product that contains higher levels of retinol. The best are from Peter Thomas Roth, Paula’s Choice, and SkinCeuticals. I also get an annual body wave. It’s a bit of an investment, but if it means having better hair days the rest of the year, I’m all for it.

Real People: Erika Hocson and Sam Pinto of Sirena Swimwear

In this edition of Real People, we were thrilled to have interviewed founders of the fun and vibrant swimwear brand, Sirena Swimwear: Erika Hocson and Sam Pinto.

Both have the same obsession for the beach, have a very simple routine when it comes to their daily beauty regimen yet still look flawless (we’re so jealous!), and embrace their natural beauty with breathtaking smiles.


Erika Hocson and Sam Pinto of Sirena Swimwear

1. How did you guys come up with Sirena Swimwear?

SAM: Well, I’ve been surfing for 4 years now and I realized I need more and more bikinis so why not make my own and share with other people my love for the beach.

ERIKA: Since I’m already working for an online store ( that sells products you’ll need for the beach, I thought it was the perfect thing to do.

Plus we both love going to beach, so it was a win-win kind of thing!

2. What’s your inspiration behind the brand?

SAM: My inspiration is basically just the beach, the feeling of the sand in your toes, the sea breeze in your face.

ERIKA: Exactly. And for the first collection called Ocean Dreams, we just wanted it to be fun and vibrant.