Halloween Inspo: Mermaid Tutorial

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Ofra expands NikkieTutorials Collection

OFRA is releasing Glow Baby, Glow! an extension to the original OFRA x NikkieTutorials collection. An important part of the original collaboration was creating a shade range that was inclusive of all skin tones. After listening to our customers and Nikkie’s fans, we’ve tweaked the deepest shade in the Everglow highlighter to have a more natural undertone that perfectly compliments deep skin tones, and added a universally flattering liquid lipstick to the collection.

Bringing OFRA fans and Nikkie followers a glow worthy of the Glow Queen herself, this new collection divides each shade of the Everglow highlighter wheel into three full sized individual compacts. You can now get your perfect shade in a full sized pan in our stylish and sleek new packaging. These new compacts are magnetic so as you begin to run out of the product you can easily pop out the old pan using a small tool, even a bobby pin, to fit in the hole in the back of the compact to pop it out. Your old pans can now be replaced with a new magnetic godet pan refill that will be available on our website.
In addition to the three highlighters, OFRA x NikkieTutorials is releasing a new Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick, Dutchess.

Packing Light: 7 No-Frills Beach Essentials

By Viella Galvez-Cui

When I was booking tickets to Bali for my friend and her fiancé’s joint stag/hen party, I knew we would only get to see and do so much because we were such a huge group, so I decided to pack light and only bring a 7kg carry-on luggage.

I’m not the type to bring a ton of makeup, especially on a beach trip, but there are definitely some things that I can’t live without, like after-sun skincare products. Since we were guaranteed to be drinking many times over the weekend, I wanted to bring things that could multitask so I can bring less and save space.

After many bouts of packing and re-packing, here are the 7 items I brought with me to Bali:

1) Dewytree Green Power Aloe Soothing Gel

Damage control for an accidental lobster tan (i.e. for when you day-drink so much you end up passing out under the sun)!

2) Pixi by Petra Vitamin Wakeup Mist

A moisturizing toner, ready to spray anytime I need a refresher outside of our villa (i.e. when you head out for an after lunch drink-and-dip).

3) Pixi by Petra Multibalm in Sheer Sculpt

I swipe this multibalm under cheekbones, sides of the face and nose, and under the jaw to make it look like I’ve had some sun, even on a gloomy day.

Inside Judy’s Pixi Shopping Cart

Last October 4, 2017, the Glamourbox team met up with one of the sweetest mom/beauty vloggers, Judy Travis of popular ItsJudyTime for a quick shopping spree in SM Makati beauty section. We were lucky to spend some time with her and talk about makeup, skincare, her cute kids as well as her her trip in the Philppines!

Are you curious to see what’s inside her Pixi shopping cart? 😉

Here are her top 5 Pixi-pretty picks:

1. Get The Look – ItsLipTime (Limited Edition Signed Palettes) – Php 1495.00

Judy, in collaboration with Pixi by Petra, created this versatile palette that has a gorgeous mix of nudes, reds, and berry colors that’s perfect for day to night looks! She shared that she loved to mix up the colors to create an ombre effect and to create customized colors. The smooth and soft formula allows the colors to blend seamlessly together on the lips (and even on the cheeks!).

Quick tip: Judy loves to mix Kiera Bear, Julianna Bear and Miya Bear all together. She also uses the Pixi Bare Buff Lip Liner to layer the colors.

2. Pixi Glow-y Powder in Rome Rose – Php 1,040.00

This natural mineral powder adds color and instantly gives you that luminous glow! Judy adores how this product gives her a pretty and youthful finish. This product is another special collaboration between Pixi by Petra and lifestyle blogger Aspyn Ovard.

3. Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser – Php 1,150.00

Remove the dirt, grime, and left over makeup off your face with this powerful deep pore mud cleanser without stripping your skin of moisture! It’s Judy’s current daily facial cleanser that effectively removes her makeup.

Eye Trends to Watch Out this 2017!

Holidays are coming up and we’re looking for ways to spice up our beauty routines! No worries though, because we already covered ya for this season’s hottest eye makeup trends! Keep reading to check what’s hot and not:


1. Ultramarine Blues

Queen Bey’s magic worker aka make-up artist Sir John, revived this 80’s neon blue looks! This denim-colored shade can bring out Filipinas’ warm, hazel eyes. Recreate this by creating a thick cat-eye look with Pixi Beauty’s Endless Silky Eye Pen in Cobalt Blue. You can rev it up by adding a splash of blue mascara from Pop Beauty’s Lashy Flashy in Blue Bloom for an intense blue hue or a pop of rouge red lipstick, using Ofra Cosmetics’ Long Lasting Lipstick in Milan to complement the cool shade!


2. Upside-Down Hues

Next to this list is also an ode to 80’s revival — the upside down eye shadow routine! Now a staple in red carpets for bringing out showstopper looks, this wild number is a bright alternative to the usual bold colorful eyeliners! Cop Shay Mitchell’s true-blue hues using Pop Beauty’s Bright Up Your Life in Bright Delight or you can make it a little bit tame by using jewel-toned hues like Eye of Horus Goddess Pencils!


3. Showstopper Copper

Summer may be long gone but still ain’t an excuse to bust out your goddess glow! Do a soft, smoky copper glow with Bubbly and Getaway from Pixi + ItsJudyTime ItsEyeTime palette. Keep it office-friendly by skipping the black liner and swapping the blush for a bronzer like Pop Beauty’s Pow Wow Powder in Beachin’ Bronze for a fresh from the beach look!


4.  Going Graphic

This season’s love affair with bold eyeliners isn’t going away anytime soon! From a runway staple to a red carpet fan favorite, heavy graphic eyeliners are working their way through the streets! Bored with your everyday cat-eye look? Add a pop of metallic glimmer with Eye of Horus Liquid Metals in Imperial Bronze or completely ditch black and go white instead! Keep it white and bright with Eye of Horus Goddess Pencil in Selenite White!

There you go, ladies! Rock the stage with these new trends and don’t forget to tag us with your favorite looks using the #GBEyeCandy at @glamourboxph!