4 Fab Years of Fun and Beauty!


You heard that right! We’ve  just turned 4 this month and we’ve got loads of treats and surprises as our way of saying thanks for all your love and support.

Bavarian Beauty: What to Pack For a Summer Holiday in Germany


I’m traveling to the idyllic region of Bavaria, southeastern part of Germany, and coming to a place the 2nd time gives me an edge of knowing what to pack. The first I was in Bavaria, half the things I packed proved to be useless! I thought the summer will be hot all through out July. On the contrary, the sun may be out but the wind can be very cool or it can be hot in the morning but wet and cold in the afternoon. This time around, I have packed items suitable for the fickle weather, clothing and beauty products-wise.

Couple’s Workout with 247X Fitness


How often do you get to train with the Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Philippine Volcanoes Rugby Team? Lucky us, we had an opportunity to train with Chris Everingham one fine Sunday afternoon. You could tell that Chris is passionate about health and wellness the moment he starts talking about his work (he does a ton of stuff). The first thing he asked us was “What are your dreams?” This stumped my husband and I for a moment, not that we do not know it, but we found it unusual to be asked this question on a personal training session. I quietly answered it in my head because I was a bit embarrassed to speak about my life goals with a person I just met. (I want to be a successful entrepreneur, be an amazing girlboss, travel to exotic places until I’m too old to get on a plane, be fluent in Spanish and French, and my list goes on.)


Chris, a sports buff, health and trained sports dietician from Australia, explained that it is important that we identify long-term goals to motivate ourselves. It’s going beyond the physical goal (i.e toning the body to take great selfies during the summer. Oops! Or prepping for a wedding to fit THE dress. Double oops!) but rather goals that help us change our attitude about fitness so we learn to stick with the program. For example, I want to stay healthy and fit because I want to be an outstanding boss as well as an amazing wife. I know I will be able to deal with stress better when I have a sound mind and body.

Get Fit in a Flash Before Your Special Day!


It’s that time of the year again when our Facebook feeds are filled with prenup photo shoots! For those of you getting married this year, there’s still time…to fit into that dream wedding dress!

Watch the entire video here on Cosmo’s Youtube Channel.




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Honeymoon in Los Cabos, Mexico


At the tail end of our honeymoon, my husband and I decided that it was time to leave the cold and head up to a place wear bikini, happy hour and sunscreen would be the most spoken words. It was early in January and pretty cold in the province of Guanajuato where we had stayed for 10 days (3 days in San Miguel de Allende and 7 days in Guanajuato City). Our final stop was Los Cabos, Mexico.