When you’re living in a tropical country, dealing with heat and humidity is a very real concern. Having to think about preventing sweaty pits and sunburned faces daily can get tedious especially when you’ve been relying on a product that hasn’t been serving your needs too well.

After relying on the cheapo drugstore brand for far too long, I finally resolved to find a less drying and darkening alternative for my poor pits.

I started using a lightweight deodorizing spray by a local brand, which smelled great and worked well to keep my pits stink-free, but because of daily use and the small packaging, I had used it up after only a month!

I wanted a spray because I felt sticks would leave deposits on my armpits, or worse, would rub off on my clothes anytime I would put them on.

However, I discovered Beaublends’ Underarm Whitening System on Glamourbox and decided to give it a go. I’m happy to say that it’s been 3 months of daily use, and I must say that the 100mL bottle is still half full!

The 2-step system is pretty low-maintenance: Dampen a cotton pad with the Advance White Deo & Antiperspirant and swipe a thin layer onto both pits in the morning to stay dry throughout the day, then use the Advance White Underarm Whitening Cream before bed.

I’ve been doing this religiously for the last three months, and I must say that my armpits have stayed dry even through the most grueling spin class, or a long walk outdoors.

While fairer armpits weren’t a priority, I noticed a significant change in the smoothness and color of my armpit skin. I also loved having to swipe on the product with a cotton pad, because it meant that I could definitely control the amount of product that was applied, and that there would be no sticky or powdery residue, post-application.


The liquid is clear and does not have a significant scent, which means it won’t react with your body chemistry in a bad way.


The Underarm whitening system brings together various compounds among its ingredients that help make it such an all-rounder: Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, Niacinamide, N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAC), Tyrostat, Glutathione, plus Witch Hazel & Soy Bean extracts, among others. All have been found to collectively limit skin pigmentation and reduce redness, and even slow down hair growth, while Aluminum Chlorohydrate and a special vegetable enzyme called Saccharomyces Ferment help keep underarms dry and stink-free, 24/7.


Curious to give it a go? Check the Beaublends Underarm System here.


Viella Galvez-Cui (@viellisima)