Most of us who work in fitness for a living know that a big part of the respect your clients pay you stems from whether or not you look the part. This means that fitness instructors can’t ever have a hair out of place. It’s one of the most demanding parts of the job, but it doesn’t mean teaching every class in full-on stage makeup.


However, I’ve learned that when it comes to looking good on the job, less is definitely more.


Looking put together is actually easy as long as you have the right tools: a little brow gel here, a subtle highlight on the brow and cheekbones, a versatile tint to look a little extra flushed, and a smooth ponytail (or kickass boxer braids) there are all you need to accentuate your physique when demonstrating the next killer move.


Keep at those goals with these tools in your workout duffel:


The one thing you musn’t leave home without:  Anti-perspirant







The BeaublendsTM Advance White Deo & Antiperspirant is something I use everyday and it keeps my pits dry even in the face of the most intense workouts.

A pre-morning workout pick-me-up: Facial Spritz







I spritz this on right before I head out the door, anytime I need to wake up before dawn. It really does so much to help wake up my senses before I head to work to wake other people up!

For the outdoor sports enthusiast: Sun Mist







When I need to step out during the day and know that I’ll be walking under the sun for quite a long time, I bring this Sun Mist with me. Being in my 30s means I’ve had to face the issue of UV ray damage on my skin.

For the office girl who…


Works out before work: Tangle Teezer

No one wants to have to waste precious time untangling wet tresses when they’re already rushing to work.





Works out over lunch: Waterproof Mascara







Stepping out of work for “a lunch meeting”? I have so many students who’ve overused that line just to sneak into the studio for a quick lunch hour workout! Make sure you’re not caught playing hooky by using a tough-as-nails mascara that won’t budge during your sweaty “meeting”.

Works out after-office: Makeup Removing Wipes







Ever done 90 minutes of hot yoga with makeup on? I have, and it was so gross! Bring some makeup removing wipes with you so you can scrub down before joining a workout.


And there you have it, just a quick laundry list of what you’ll definitely need to tote with you when you head off to your next workout. Got some more suggestions for us? Let us know in the comments below!


Gabriella Galvez-Cui (@viellissima)