Let’s admit it, we all have attempted a thousand times to achieve THE perfect winged eye. It’s a simple yet seductive look that could amp up your look with a skillful flick. We all have our tools that helps us do the trick but it’s really the type of products that we devote ourselves to when it comes to perfect this craft.

Are you a gel liner lover? Or a felt tip pen type of person? Do you prefer an eye pencil with a waxy consistency? Are you all of the above?

Well, I chatted with the beautiful ladies at Glamourbox and rounded up our fave eyeliners for the perfect winged eye. Here’s what made it to our list!

Eye of Horus Cosmetics Liquid Define Eyeliner in Babylon Brown
  1. Eye of Horus Liquid Liner Black  P990

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian Goddesses, the EOH liquid liner is a go-to for the Cleopatra-like winged liner. It has a felt tip pen that absorbs the black ink and glides smoothly once applied on lids. With the size of the tip, it’s easy to create the bold winged look in a jiffy. Cool part about the product is the tip is reversible. Once the ink runs out on one side, get a pair of tweezers to pull it out and flip the other side for a fresh inked tip.


Ofra Cosmetics Fixline Eyeliner Gel in Black
  1. Ofra Fixline Gel Black P 620

What we love about this product is that a little goes a long way. Dab a hard angled brush (we recommend Ofra brush #4) on the pot and apply on the outer lids for a sexy Sofia Loren look. The Ofra Fixline Gel is smudge proof and stays on all day (or night!), even great for workouts!

Pixi Beauty Cat Eye Ink
  1. Pixi Cat Eye Ink P790

For on-the-go women who want a no-fuss liner, this is the product for you. The Cat Eye Ink has an angled tip that makes it super east to do a winged line on the outer corners of your eyes. Dab the pen at an angle and draw the wing as thin or thick as you like.

Pop Beauty Fluid Popliner in Aqua Allure
  1. Pop Beauty Fluid Liner Aqua Allure P 750

This year, bright liners and shadows were a thing on the runway! For a beautiful pop of color, the girls at Glamourbox love this Aqua liner to give their winged eye some fun flavor. Fine brush tip that is easy to apply, you can easily cop the runway looks with this fluid liner. Also comes in Bronze and Plum.

Rucy’s Vanity Liquid Eyeliner
  1. Rucy’s Vanity Liquid Liner P160

Seriously, this item is a steal. For under P200, this Liquid Liner is perfect for the subtle winged eye because of its very fine brush tip. It also makes it easy to apply close to the lash line.  It’s also water resistant to boot!


There you have it, ladies! Let us know if you are a fan of winged eyes and if you fancy any of the items we mentioned above. Must we add, the best cult eye liners are now on sale from September 1-15. Don’t miss out.