Before boarding the 2-hour boat ride from Pasacao Port to San Pascual, Burias Island, Masbate, I sprayed on my new Pixi SPF 30 Sheer Sun Mist on my neck, arms, and legs. “I mustn’t forget the back of my hands and my ears,” I thought to myself as most people would tend to overlook these parts. It was 8am and temperatures were already rising. The boatman calls us in, it’s time to sail.

It was my first time in Masbate, an island in the middle of the Philippine archipelago and known for their pristine beaches and their yearly ranch festivals. I’ve been slowly going around the Philippines and have been amazed with our stunning beaches, I plan to be able to visit them all throughout my lifetime. My partner, of course, is sunscreen. For city dwellers and beach bums, this is a non-negotiable.

Pixi Sun Mist is a new sun protection product that makes it easy to apply sunscreen even on the go. No excuses as the bottle is even pretty enough to whip out anytime for a mid-day reapplication. Leave it to Pixi to come up with a very feminine yet effective product that we’d love to tote around anywhere.

As we docked at our first destination called Sombrero Island (named as such due to its hat-like shape), it was 11am and the sun’s rays were pretty intense. I look at the azure waters and decide that I needed to take a dip to cool off, the water’s too beautiful to pass up. I can have lunch later.

After a full day of island hopping, swimming, boat rides, and light trekking, what I loved most about the Pixi Sun Mist was the lightweight and non-greasy feel. No heaviness, unnecessary goopy-ness, or cloying fragrances. Texture is water-like, almost milky. For the lazy girls, just spray it on, spread, and go. Most of all the manual sprayer was aerosol-free meaning no inhalation for me and my pets. I detest aerosol sprays because it further harms the environment.

Pixi made a winner in this one, I am totally in love with it. Though it’s not entirely waterproof so reapplication is a must every 2 hours or so, but I shall repurchase this when I run out. Now I’m off to explore the other parts of Burias Island with my sunscreen in tow. Stash this in your canvas bag when you head out this long Labor Day weekend and protect yourself from the sun with the Pixi Sun Mist.



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