Hi Glambabes! It’s January and it’s time for some goal setting!  Whether it’s losing an extra inch around the waist or learning a new language, we love sharing our goals to set the tone for the year! What are yours?  Take a peek on what we promise (or try to) to accomplish for the year!


  1. Get back in shape and work out regularly
  2. Organize my files — from photos to work documents
  3. Take more dance classes. Salsa to be more specific!


  1. Learn how to properly apply eye makeup
  2. Read more books
  3. Spend more time outdoors with my little one


  1. Spend less on food and makeup to save up for a trip to Japan
  2. Eat more greens and fruits
  3. Try to stop bleaching my hair


  1. Have a healthier lifestyle — start exercising again, eat smart, and have a more positive outlook on life
  2. Be a wise spender — lessen impulse buys, and save more money for the honeys
  3. Travel more often, and live life more!


  1. Lose at least 3 pounds a month to get to my target weight
  2. Color my hair something other than red and brown
  3. Drink more water!


Share your personal resolutions with us!