Acne, rashes and God forbid… warts are some of the nasty things you can get from dirty makeup and brushes. We listed down some of the sneaky ways germs and bacteria get into our makeup.

Did you know that you can contaminate your makeup with the following?

  1.  Applying makeup with filthy hands or brushes.
  2. Sharing makeup with your gal pals.
  3. Double dipping brushes (dipping brushes on makeup then on face then back on the makeup pan again)
  4.  Retouching makeup with your skin already exposed to tons of germs and bacteria throughout the day.
  5. Uncontrollable sneezing or coughing while doing your make up.
  6. Using your favourite lippie while sick.
  7. Germs and bacteria that happily live on your skin.
  8. Dirty makeup tools/ applicators.
  9. Mascara Pumping
  10. Reapplying lipstick after eating.

Sounds iffy right? Frequent hand washing and cleaning your makeup brushes and compacts are the way to go but we know how tedious that can be for a busy gals like you. Lucky for us, we found a multi-tasking germ-busting wonder that does all of this in minutes.

Laverne Cosmetic Sanitizer


Just a couple of sprays of this and you’re good to go! Spray this on your makeup brushes and wipe clean with tissue and you’ve got clean, germ-free brushes in a jiffy! Laboratory test confirmed a 99.9% kill in germs and bacteria like E.coli and Staph.. pretty neat huh? (pun intended) You can also use this to spray on cracked powder eyeshadows and compacts to fix it. Spray on your powder foundation to sanitize and on used sponges After spraying, the product instantly dries in seconds leaving the makeup sanitized and ready for next use. Laverne Cosmetic Sanitizer is infused with special emollients that won’t dry your make up unlike regular alcohol so it helps extend the life span of your fave makeup. It contains tea tree to help eliminate bacteria and helps to clarify skin problems and it leaves your makeup smelling and looking fresh every time.

What’s not to love? 😉

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