Panama + New Orleans

Ever owned a vibrant or dark-colored lippie you seldom use because it’s too bright or it doesn’t match your skin tone? No worries! here’s how you can mix and match them for a more wearable neutral hue.

I used the following Ofra liquid lipstick shades to mix and get more neutral or universal shades because I think that these are the shades that people might shy away from: Sunset Beach, Sta. Monica, Panama, St. Tropez, Las Vegas, Dubai, New Orleans, Mina.


The concept I used to mix for more wearable colors was to mix undertones that contrast each other to get a more neutral shade. Neutral shades usually match a wider range of skin tones. For example: an orange toned color with a cooler/blue tones color to get a more neutral shade (Sunset Beach + Mina = a more mid-berry tone similar to MAC rebel which matches a wide array of skin tones). Also Dubai is a neutral nude in itself so it desaturates the brighter deeper colors into more wearable nude/mid-tone.


Hope this helps!




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