White liner can be a versatile way to brighten up a look and open up your eyes. It can be used subtly, just to take away any tired redness, by just sweeping it across your lower waterline. It’s also an editorial favorite to make bold graphic statements. For this look, I took some pointers from the mod looks of the 60s with a graphic double wing, the black liner gives the effect of a sultry elongated cat-eye while the white on the waterline brightens and opens up the eye. To keep it modern, I paired it with bronzed, glowing skin.



1. Skin: I built this look on the same skin as the Buff N’ Bronze look. I used the Pixi Flawless Primer to prep the skin and then built the base on top with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation.

2. Eyes: I put a wash of bronze eyeshadow from the Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Palette. I made sure to use a small brush to create a guideline for where I wanted the liner to go.

3. Winged Liner: Using a small fine liner brush I mixed the Ofra Gel Liner with some Inglot Duraline until it reached my preferred consistency. I then used the lower waterline as a guide and marked the bottom of the wing. In a sweeping motion I drew the top of the wing and filled in the blank space with small strokes. Clean up any mistakes with a pointed Q-tip and some makeup remover.

4.  Double wing: I used the Eye of Horus Selenite White Pencil to make a double wing from the lower waterline. I used the pencil to fill in the waterline, going over around 3 times to make it opaque. Then I mixed some of the pencil with Duraline on a fine nail art brush and drew a small wing right under the black liner. Clean up any mistakes with a pointed Q-tip and some makeup remover.

5.  Lower Liner: On the lower lash line, I used a fine push liner brush and worked some black liner on the lower lash liner in the thinnest liner I could manage then I winged it out to match length of the other liner I had placed. Clean up any mistakes with a pointed Q-tip and some makeup remover.

6.  Lips: I mixed Ofra Dubai and Mocha Liquid Lipsticks to get the perfect nude that would match the mod feel of the whole look.



GB: See more of Sylvina’s gorgeous work on IG at @slomakeup !!