One of the things I learned when I entered the corporate world right after college is how extremely precious time is. Once you’re a working girl, you start to savor your weekends and holidays, because unlike students who get to enjoy their long summer vacations, we usually just have two days to rest, recharge, and prepare your mindset for another #ManicMonday. Of course, there are a few exceptions—such as filing a vacation leave and travelling or going out of town with family and friends. However, not everyone has the time nor luxury to do that, so we’ve decided to list down a few destinations near Metro Manila where you can spend a quick getaway and be able to unwind.

Read on to see which places made it to our list!

1. Nuvali Park, Laguna


Travel Time: 1 hour by car

A destination filled with adventure! Engage in a lot of water sports, bike, or visit Camp N. No need to worry about where to stay overnight, because there are a few hotels nearby like Seda Nuvali and Paseo Premiere Hotel. If you have more time in your hands, you can even unleash the child within and drop by Enchanted Kingdom!

2. Domicillo Hotel, Tagaytay


Travel Time: 1.2 hours by car

Tagaytay has become a go-to spot for most of us—it’s easily accessible, and the trip takes only about an hour. The province boasts restaurants with delicious bulalo, and it’s especially popular among those who want to get away to a cooler climate. If you’re looking for a quiet and sophisticated hotel in Tagaytay, I highly recommend checking out Domicillo! Decked with furniture made by the country’s best and most talented designers, you’ll marvel at every corner and forget about heading back to Metro Manila (I honestly never, ever wanted to leave!). They offer relaxing massages where the therapists just drop by your room, and if you’re hungry, look no further! There’s a Japanese restaurant, Aozora Japanese Café and Bistro, on the roof deck  where you can also enjoy the breath-taking view of Taal Lake.

3. Abe’s Farm, Pampanga


Travel Time: 2 hours by car

I spent my birthday at Abe’s Farm (right after I went on an adventure at Sandbox Park, Pampanga), where I got to feast on yummy food and was pampered by a massage. They have a spa, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and an old house that was restored and transformed into a mini museum. The place is located on the foot of Mount Arayat, so it’s filled with trees and greens that will take your mind out of the busy city.

4. Corregidor Island


Travel Time: 1 hour by boat

History is one of my favorite subjects, and I love that Corregidor speaks so much about ours. Entering the Malinta Tunnel will definitely give you the chills, and they say spending a night in the island can do inexplicable things to your mind—that’s how haunted the place is! If you’re up for an adventure with friends, you can book a room at the hotel or better yet, go camping near the beach and go for a little ghost hunting.

5. Palm Beach Resort, Batangas


Travel Time: 2.5 hours by car

This is probably the best resort I’ve been to in Laiya, Batangas—rooms are comfortable, beach is super clean and pretty, they have a lot of swimming pools, and I love the eat-all-you-can buffet that’s included when you book a room. They have villas available that can fit a group of 8 or more.  It’s very family-friendly!

Now that we’ve listed destinations that are easily accessible from Metro Manila, why not gather your girlfriends and book a trip this coming Labor Day weekend?



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