Model: LJ Harbord | Photo: Koji Arboleda | Hair: Eddiemar Calbitez | Stylist & Producer: Ning Nunez

Sylvina Lopez is no doubt a talented makeup artist. When you visit her Instagram page, you will see the range of her skills – from natural, glowing beauties to beautifully horrific creatures. I won’t be surprised if you find yourself drawn to the photos and admiring the details of her work. I have worked with her for magazine features and I totally love what she does to make my skin look dewy in a jiffy. And then I admire her tedious work on the colorful and alien-like looks which I hope one day she’d also try on me (seriously!).

Well, I am happy to share that Sylvina will be helping us create beautiful (and perhaps out of this world) looks! We look forward to her tips and tricks on two extremes– how to achieve natural, flawless, dewy makeup looks and how we can also play with color texture to achieve fun looks!  – Lia, Glamourbox CEO 

Find out more about Sylvina…

1.       Where do you get your inspiration when you do your makeup looks?

I get my inspiration from everywhere art, nature, philosophy, literature and a million other places. Since I like to explore makeup in terms of art, emotion and expression, I try to keep interested in many things and to be open to everything because inspiration can some from anywhere at any time.


Model: Tessa Burton | Photo: Dookie Ducay | Hair: Mong Amado


Makeup Artist Sylvina Lopez

2.        What was the most challenging makeup look you’ve done so far?

Technique wise, it was when I had to teach myself to cast a prosthetic in silicone. I’m self taught in all my makeup endeavors so far, so it was a big challenge but I think that it’s important to keep trying new things and to make yourself uncomfortable.

3.       Your best makeup tip on getting that natural, dewy look?

I love to mix a liquid lluminator in with the foundation and when it comes to application I really like work it to the skin and powder precisely.


Model: Jaz Reyes | Photo: Shutter Panda Photography


4.       Makeup product you can’t live without?

Waterproof mascara


SCOUT Model: Jes Yang | Photo: Roy Macam | Hair: Mycke Arcano | Produced: Belle Rodolfo & Jed Gregorio

5.       What are your top 5 makeup product picks from Glamourbox? 

xoxo Glamourbox Team