Summer is in full swing, and we have news as scorching hot as the season. We know how much you all fell in love with Pixi by Petra’s Glow Tonic—in fact, some of you were demanding for it to be available in the Philippines prior to its launch last year! And with the UK and US beauty gurus gushing non-stop about the entire Skintreats collection when it was launched a few months ago, we felt the jealousy here in the tropics (we have to admit, we were pretty green-eyed, too). But we’ve got some news to start your summer with a bang, because all 16 skincare essentials of Pixi by Petra’s Skintreats is now exclusively available at our online boutique—a whole month earlier than its scheduled launch in the Philippines!

The collection is full of natural ingredients to reveal your most radiant skin, and has everything you need from a full-on facial to a daily skincare routine without your pockets going bankrupt, because each product is incredibly affordable! Yup, you read that right. You’re welcome, Glambabes.

Check out the full collection here.