Lately, I’ve been obsessing over Pixi’s Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black, which I think deserves more hype given what it can do. I’ve been using it on all my events and occasions, and every time I do, I always get compliments that my lashes look extra long and full. Some even think my lashes look like falsies!

Here’s a selfie I couldn’t resist taking while wearing Pixi’s Lash Booster Mascara.

Pixi has always been known for its multi-purpose, flaw-fixing, skin-treating products but I think some people aren’t familiar that they offer a complete range of cosmetics—including the lash-boosting Lash Booster Mascara!

The packaging is your typical mascara tube that comes with a cone-shaped brush, making it easy to apply on the edges (and even lower lashes). And though the brush may look like it contains a lot of the product, whenever I apply it, it goes on evenly without smudging or clumping.

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