One of our favorite things to do every start of the year is looking for what’s in and out in the wonderful world of beauty. According to Byrdie, 2015 saw a lot of shaggy lobs, full brows, and even fuller lips. This year, here’s what they’ve predicted will be the biggest beauty trends:

1. Flushed Cheeks

Flushed cheeks are a clever way to look youthful, and you can’t go wrong with Pixi’s Sheer Cheek Gel in Flushed.

2. Gray Lips

Though this may be a little difficult to pull off, we actually think it’s a sexy color on the lips!

3. Lavender Lids

Bright shades on the eyes, like lavender wash, is another forecast and for sure POP Beauty’s Bright Up Your Life in Naturally Bare and Smokin’ Hot are perfect!

4. Blue Hues

Fresh faces with a pop of color is another exciting trend to watch out for! Add some funky hues to those lids, like Eye of Horus’ Goddess Pencil in Lazuli Blue.

Other trends include Liquid Lipsticks (Hello, Ofra!) and Korean Beauty. To read more of 2016′s beauty trend forecast, check out Byrdie’s article here.

What do you guys think of this year’s forecast?

Photos care of Byrdie