A few months ago, I found myself overwhelmed with so many ideas for our wedding reception. Thankfully, my cousin Camille Parado (of CP Interiors), who is a young, talented interior designer, happily obliged when I requested for a moodboard. I told her what we had in mind and because she also knows our style, it was easy for her to capture what we wanted. 

Once we had the moodboard, things got easier for us. I was able to clearly communicate with the planner what flowers and centerpieces we wanted to be sourced, what set up was possible (and not possible), and color scheme to be used. Having a destination wedding is not the easiest because you have no clue on how it will turn out until the big day, but when you have an efficient wedding planner like Amanda Tirol (of Boracay Weddings, she is the best in Boracay!), and a clear direction of what you want for your reception, things become less stressful and planning becomes more fun! 

Whether it’s a DIY wedding or one with a hired planner, I highly recommend you create a moodboard to guide you during the process. (There are so many pretty ideas, you might get lost in the middle of planning because it is certainly overwhelming!!) Your moodboard doesn’t have to be perfect. And it doesn’t have to be the exact replica of what your reception will actually be. Pick the pegs that represent your style and put together images of the look and feel that you hope to achieve on your big day. 

Happy planning!


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