This edition of Real People features a well-known and respected local artist, who loves to travel the world and paints images based on her personal experiences. Though a minimalist when it comes to makeup and skincare, her one beauty indulgence is a dark lippie.

1. You are well-known and respected in the art industry. What’s the
most rewarding experience you have had as an artist?

It’s an honor to be regarded as a well-known and respected artist. Thank you
for considering me as one!  It’s not really just one particular
experience, but as a visual artist who paints images mostly based on personal
experiences as a form of catharsis, I find it rewarding every time someone
approaches me or shoots me a message to tell me that my work has somehow
touched them and that they can relate to the story being relayed by the image
on canvas.

2. As someone who loves to travel the world, what’s your favorite place to
go to locally, and outside the Philippines?

Locally, it would have to be Baguio and Vigan. I’m a sucker for long drives and
rustic places. Outside the country, my current favorite is the ancient town of
Hoi An in Vietnam. With its old world charm and colorful lanterns hanging from
almost every nook and cranny, the UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site looks
like a quaint, delightful place lifted off the pages of an Asian fairytale. I
will also never get tired of the temples of Siem Reap.

3. How do you define your art and personal style?

My art is conceptual, emotive, symbolic, and dark despite the vibrant colors.
My personal style is toned down gothic with a bohemian twist.

4. What does your daily beauty regimen look like?

My art may be maximalist, but in real life, I am a minimalist when it comes to
my beauty regimen. I wash my face with a mild soap twice or thrice a day and
that’s about it. Ever since I got into Muay Thai, I’ve become more minimal than
how I already was. I no longer put on moisturizer since I’ll just sweat if off
anyway, and my regular makeup has been trimmed down to just powder and
lipstick/lip gloss. Despite my lack of a beauty regimen, here’s one tip I can
impart though: Exercising regularly and drinking lots of water will do your
skin wonders.

5. What is your one beauty indulgence?

Lipstick in varying shades of red, purple, and burgundy.

6. Best beauty secret that you learned from your mom?

My mom is no beauty guru and is a minimalist as well, but she is into perfumes,
so I think I got a bit of that from her. Smelling good all the time is

7. Best beauty discovery from abroad?

MAC’s Huggable Lipcolour. A friend asked me to buy her certain shades of it
during a recent trip to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, being limited edition hues,
they were already sold out all over HK by the time I went there last June. I
was able to try a sample, and I liked it. I would have gotten myself one had
stocks been available.

8. Beauty item you can’t live without?

Still lipstick. 😛

9. Who is your beauty/style icon and why?

Morticia Addams and Shannyn Sossamon. Morticia Addams, because she’s the
epitome of a perfect classy goth chic. Shannyn Sossamon, because that woman
looks effortlessly fabulous in whatever clothes she dons and in whatever hairstyle
she sports.

10. One word that best describes you.