Hey, Glambabes! I recently got lash extensions done from Lash Wishes in UP Town Center. It’s actually my second time to get them done. The first time was in Browlab last November, and since I was new to it, I wanted my lashes to be super lush, so I opted to get the thickest kind. This time, I got their “Barely There” which looks more natural yet still makes the eyes look large and bright.

Lash extensions usually last 2-3 weeks, depending on how well you maintain them. Below are a few tips to maximize those extensions, to ensure they last for as long as possible!

1. Avoid touching them or rubbing your eyes.

This is obvious, because you don’t want to rub off the glue that holds the lash extensions to your lids.

2. Keep water away from your eyes.

Usually, the salon tells you not to wet your eyes for 12 hours. But because I wanted them to last, I made sure water didn’t touch my eyes for a few days.

3. Cotton buds are your best friend.

Because I didn’t want to wet my eyes, I used damp cotton buds to clean the inner corners, waterline, and even the lids. Using a dry cotton bud, I would use it like a mascara wand and gently remove any dirt that was on my lashes.

4. Avoid wearing eyeliners that are waterproof or hard to remove.

Because my lash extensions give an illusion that I’m already wearing eyeliner, there’s really no need for it anymore. I just fill in my brows, and add a little color to my lips, and that’s my look for the entire day!

5. Let them fall.

After a few weeks, you’ll notice that the extensions will start to fall off one by one. It gets a little itchy when this happens, but don’t scratch it! Remember: the skin around our eyes are the most prone to getting wrinkles, so take care of it. When the lashes start to fall, just let them be. It’s also best to rest your real lashes once in a while, so try not to get lash extensions every month! Let your eyes rest, and embrace your natural beauty!