In this edition of Real People, we got in touch with Belle Rodolfo of Preview Magazine, who’s hectic schedule doesn’t stop her from looking stylish and sticking to a strict beauty regimen no matter how late (or early) she gets home from work. Read on to see what it’s like to work in the Beauty Department of one of the top fashion magazines in the country, and how this golden girl stays on top of her game.


1. Working for a top fashion magazine in the country, what’s your day like in the

since I started I’ve always waited for things to kind of get into routine, but
I realized it wasn’t going to happen (haha). On mondays we would have update
meetings, but on weekdays it’s either a day full of meetings/events, but then
there will also be a day when I’m at my desk as early as 9AM (that’s early for
the publishing world lol!) and clock out at 10PM just writing and finishing
layouts with our art directors. Crunch time, the worst hour I had to leave for
home was at 8 o’clock…in the morning…the next day. (Eew!). Some days I stay
only 3-4 hours then take the light work home. It’s different every day.


2. How would you describe your sense of style?

think I’m still finding it, but I’ve always been ladylike… Well, in college
all I wore all the time was short shorts, and now, you know, the trends
changed, the lengths changed, and so did my style mostly. Haha.

3. If you had the chance to raid a celebrity’s closet, who would it be and why?

Nyong’o. She just has sooo much fun with color and I guess it’s that good fit
that lets her pull it off always.

4. What does your daily beauty regimen look like?

take forever to get ready in the morning, even if for my face I have only about
six skincare steps.

1) Cleanser (I use the Shu Uemura cleansing oil, even if I’m not removing any

Toning – I just call it toning but it’s more like cleansing further. I only do
this step at night because I have to make sure all makeup is gone.

Essence – I used to think essences were just an extra step that I have to
bother with but I tried La Mer’s The Treatment Lotion – most brands call it
“lotion” because it’s somewhere in between a toner and moisturizer –
and it just felt like my skin was, um, drinking water. You know, quenched, and
everything. After that, I was convinced. Now I use Chanel’s Le Blanc Hydrating
Brightening Lotion, which is one of the few scented things that my face doesn’t
violently react towards.

Treatment – I use this over the counter topical cream called Epiduo, which my
dermatologist recommended when I first went to him to clear all the acne I used
to have. The idea of it is once you have your face cleaned, it prevents any
further breakouts. It’s worked so well ever since.

Moisturize – I only use Physiogel as moisturizer, because anything else just
makes my skin burn sooo bad. I have sensitive AND oily skin, which is tricky,
but moisturizing doesn’t mean you’re making the shine worse. If anything, it
balances out your skin’s hydration, because when I used to go all out on oil
stripping ingredients, my face tended to overproduce sebum.

Sunscreen – Only during the day. At night I feel like it’ll clog my pores and
I’m only going to be sleeping. Lol.

5. What is your one beauty indulgence?

treatments. All these lasers, RFs.. it’s pretty good investment, because you
can’t really expect miracles out of topical products. And while they say the
slimming treatments won’t really last you if you don’t work out too, it’s
motivating also that way!


6. Best beauty secret that you learned from your mom?

girls in my family are really into beauty. The first thing I got from her was
to always look presentable even if you’re just going to get bread from the
supermarket or something, because you never know! I also learned this from my
great-grandma. At 80 something, she pin-curls her hair every single night and
never leaves the house without eyeliner on.  The second is sunblock, even
on your hands (especially when you drive). The third is how important showering
is! Not just to be, you know, polite to other people and smell good, but I
don’t know, I guess it’s that one time you have to yourself during the day to
think and calm yourself down before everything else.

7. Best beauty discovery from abroad?

these Korean cleansers. They can get SO creative, it’s funny. And cool. There’s
this one that comes in rice powder form and you dilute it in water, then wash
your face with it.

8. Beauty item you can’t live without?

Bobbi Brown’s Art Stick in Rose Brown is the perfect nude-pink!

9. Who is your beauty / style icon and why?

Weiss of IntoTheGloss is mos def. beauty goalsss. She used to be this nerdy
intern from a reality show, but she’s pretty much built a whole empire from the
beauty website she put up (which is also like a magazine) and branched out with
her own beauty line Glossier. She has these amazing cheekbones that puts any
highlighter on a pedestal, lol. Also, she has all these genius hacks for your
beauty routine (for example when you’re traveling and dying to look fresh when
you get off the plane!). There’s just so much to get from when I read her

One word that best describes you.

is so difficult 🙁 Haha! Determined? 🙂