I’m the type of person with extremely sensitive skin. Any change I make with my usual hair or skincare routine (including my shampoo and conditioner!) can cause my skin to break out.

Which is why as much as I love makeup, I can’t always apply it—especially foundations and powders. I need to let my skin breathe for a while, until I can start using makeup again.

If you suffer from the same skin type as me, here below are some tips to keep your skin clear and healthy!

1. Commit to a daily skincare routine.

And I mean commit to it hard! Never miss a day without completing this. If you’re not too sure with what kind of products to use, do your research or best to consult a dermatologist.

2. Get a facial once a month.

Although I hate the pain of getting facials, this is crucial because it removes the blackheads that are clogging up your pores and in turn, prevents your pores from growing larger. Blackheads that are left uncleaned have a tendency to turn into a bump or a pimple, and as you leave it there, it can cause your pore to enlarge and create “holes” on your face. You don’t want this to happen!

3. Drink lots of water.

Water is really good for the skin. It keeps it hydrated and prevents your skin from looking dull.

4. Use non-comedogenic beauty and skincare products.

When you say “non-comedogenic,” it means that it is especially formulated not to block or clog up pores.

5. Refrain from using hair gel, hair wax, or hair spray.

Believe it or not, these products can cause your skin to break out, especially on your forehead and jaw line!

So those are just a few things I do to keep my skin clear and healthy. Got any more tips? Do share them by tweeting us @GlamourboxPH!