Young, stylish, and incredibly bubbly—these are a few words to describe Entrepreneur and Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Yuki Tansengco. Get to know the charming sweetheart and why she’s called The Style Cat.


1. You’re known as “The Style Cat” among your followers. What’s the story behind the name?

When I was rebranding the blog, I was thinking of a moniker that would suit me. I thought of “Style Cat” because 1. I am a proud owner of 8 cats – I love them FURever! #AdoptDontShop 2. Like a cat, I am very curious about everything. I love learning old and new things. 3. Like a cat, I feel like I live many lives. I am not one to be caught just doing one thing. I find myself doing work in different fields in terms of blogging, business and handling the Blo Bar! So I thought of mixing my love for fashion and my personality = Style Cat!


2. Who is your fashion inspiration, and why?

I follow a lot of style influencers online but my absolute favorite is Olivia Palermo. That lady has it on point ALL THE TIME! The consistency is impeccable and her style is so classy. Life goals! P.S. It doesn’t hurt to have an equally gorgeous husband, too. Haha!

3. What’s one fashion tip you can share with the Glambabes?

For the Glambabes, it sounds cliche but really – don’t believe any “fashion rules”. Wear whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable in it. If you feel like doing print on print, why not? Or wearing red and pink together. Dress up like you mean it and the world is your runway. Sometimes, my friends tell me my outfit looks weird but at the end of the day, I am the one wearing it so if that makes me happy then go lang ng go! 🙂


4. What does your daily beauty regimen look like?

Cleanse, moisturize and protect. My skin is very acne-prone so I use a gentle skin cleanser and gel moisturizer from Philosophy. I swear by those 2 products! After, I layer on sunblock for that much needed SPF protection! Then the make-up begins. I am currently using a Korean BB Cream brand and since my skin is a combination of dry/oily, I set it with face powder. Less is more!

5. What is your one beauty indulgence?

Getting a blow dry. Hahaha! Being part of the Blo Blow Dry family, I am obsessed with finding new ways to do my hair. I try anything with it – curls, up do, braids or razor straight. Even if time doesn’t permit, I still find ways to get my hair done and right before going to the beach or ANY trip for that matter, I set my hair in Blo and once I put it down, hello to catwalk-quality curls!


6. Best beauty secret that you learned from your mom?

My mom is a very simple woman. She doesn’t wear make-up but if she does, it would be very minimal or a touch of lipstick. The best beauty secret I learned from my mom is to use Katinko Ointment to relieve itchyness on skin. I can get very uneasy when I see a mosquito bite or a patch of dry skin and I start scratching. My mom taught me how this small chinese ointment can actually be used in so many ways and It’s so effective!

7. Best beauty discovery from abroad?

On a recent trip to Hong Kong, my best friend and I discovered these “pimple stickers” in Sasa. We couldn’t stop giggling at the instruction of placing these stickers on your pimples cos I couldn’t imaging doing so but I gave it a try anyway. I was surprised with the results! It was actually effective and I was happy to see the same product in Watsons.


8. Beauty item you can’t live without?

I absolutely cannot live without my Pop Beauty “Honey Haze” set. It includes the Sunkissed Bronzer, Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio and Pop Crayon in Barely Bitten. I am not an expert in doing make-up so for someone with almost-zero knowledge like me, this kit is everything! The 3 shades on the shadow trio are so simple – base, contour and highlight so I use this everyday. I love the natural pinkish nude of the Pop Crayon and the bronzer has the slight hint of shimmer that makes it perfect for daytime. Aahhh – super love this set! 🙂


9. Who is your beauty icon and why?

She isn’t really an icon-icon but I met this 87 year old lady the other day and her skin was FLAWLESS. I asked what her beauty secret is and she simply said “Coconut oil and be happy.” She is forever my secret beauty icon! Live life, be happy and moisturize with coconut oil. Sort of Imeldific (yes, this is a word!), if I had to compare.

10. One word that best describes you.