When it comes to a strong brow game, Filipinas definitely have it in the bag. In fact, our brow obsession has led to the development and availability of multiple brow products—from pencil, to powder, to gel, to a combination of any! Different kinds create different looks, and here we’ll give you the low down on each.


Pencil is the preferred product of most makeup artists because it’s easier for them to control outlining the brows and draw hair to fill them in.

Eye of Horus’ Ultimate Brow Define, which comes in three beautiful shades, has a fine retractable pencil that makes application smooth and easy. The other end is a spoolie that allows convenient grooming and blending.


Powders create softer looks, and powder palettes give more options when it comes to color combination. They’re also multi-purpose because they can double as matte eye shadows.

POP Beauty’s Brow Shape and Shade in Naturally Defined is highly pigmented, long-lasting, and easy to pack inside a small bag!


For long-lasting brow makeup, we highly recommend using gel. You can use this for weddings, photo shoots, or high-fashion events. Ofra’s Semi-Permanent Waterproof Brow Gel lasts for up to 12 hours and doesn’t budge at all. You can swim, go to the gym, or play sports and it won’t disappoint.


With the increasing obsession for eyebrows, it was only expected for brands to come up with products that are 2-in-1! Pixi’s Brow Duo is a triangular pencil on one end, and a tinted brow gel on the other. The angled pencil makes it really quick and easy to apply the product, which makes it great for beginners. The brow gel, on the other hand, keeps unruly hair in place. If you’re in a hurry, you can use the brow gel on its own and swiftly swipe on the product!

Now that we’ve given you the pros for each type of brow product, which one is your favorite?