In today’s edition of Real People, the Glamourbox team wanted to know more about Sara Stand, internationally-acclaimed singer and the mind behind POP Beauty!

What is makeup for you?

Self-expression, playfulness, and art. I look at makeup as a means to express my mood that day. Makeup is
never a must, but on some days it is the best form of pick me up!

What kind of makeup do you love to do?

All kinds and types of makeup and makeovers!
There are a few things that make me feel better than having someone look in the
mirror and feel the most beautiful they have felt in a long time. But more then
anything, I love it when I can use the face as a true canvas and experiment
without limitations. Bright colors, gold flakes, feather lashes. When I can
have makeup turn into real art on the face I truly remember how much I love my

Three tips from the pro:

1. Curl your lashes. It makes such a
huge difference and is one of the few things you really should not skip. Teamed
with a great mascara it works wonders.

2. Embrace your own original features and enhance what makes you special! Too often women ask me to help them
change something in their appearance. Everyday makeup is for enhancing, not for
changing. So pick the right color foundations (not a lighter/darker one) skip
the excessive countering and embrace your own unique features.

3. Do not be
scared of color. Browns and beiges are good staples but a little pop of color
goes a long way to brighten both your face and your mood. Have fun and
experiment. You don’t need another nude palette in your makeup wardrobe.

What’s the best makeup look for the modern Pinay?

You can never go wrong with a sultry
eye. Try perking up your regular smoky eye with a pop of color on the lids. A
teal, deep grass or hot purple can make the look so much more modern and
exciting! A good fake lash also always goes a long way.

What’s your favorite makeup trend this season?

I love the play with eye
lining that is a big trend at the moment. From very graphic, bold and
futuristic to the classic 60’s cat eye but done in many variations of color and degrees of sharpness or being smudged. I also like the metallic finishes
that is on point right now & I am glad that the bold brow seems to be
sticking around a little longer. 

What’s next for Sara Strand?

Apart from continuing to spread the
POP word and building the brand I am still making time for shows/shoots and one
on one master classes in makeup. I also do a lot of POP’s social media – so
interact with me on Facebook, Instagram, etc! I love when people share their POP
looks and I try to answer all questions about the brand, application tips, etc.
My mission as a makeup artist has always been to teach women how to use color –
so the mission continues.

What would you put in your makeup survival kit?

Face Magnet and Eye Magnet Primer, No Show Concealer, My One Liner, Bright Delight Palette, BB Lip Balms, and Peak Performance Mascara.