Asians tend to have shorter and sparse lashes so falsies are the perfect way to take your eyes from drab to fab. Applying false eyelashes can be daunting especially for first-timers so here are some tips and tricks to make falsies application easier and less daunting for our glambabes 😉

1.) Invest in quality lash glue Eyelash application can be made a whole lot easier if you use a lash glue that is easy to apply and remove. You will avoid wasting too much product and your lashes can be used for many times over. Try Dolly Wink’s Eyelash Fix! It comes with a thin brush tip applicator to make glue application and touch-up a breeze. The lash glue stays put the whole day, comes off easily once you remove it from your eyes and very easy to clean off your falsies! 

2.) Choose lashes with a clear or thin flexible spine These are easier to bend to fit your eye shape and won’t come off easily at the sides unlike those stiff cheap plastic lashes. It won’t poke your eyes and they feel lighter and more comfortable for all-day wear. Try Dolly Wink’s False Eyelashes No. 10 in Sweet Cat for that perfect Cat Eye shape that suits most Asian eyes.

3.) Line your eyes with liquid eyeliner first and after falsies application. This will make falsies blend in with your own better and fix mistakes after.

4.) Cut falsies to fit your eye width. False eyelashes that are too wide can poke your eyes! (Ouchies!) Avoid this by trimming falsies before application for a more comfortable fit.

5.) Apply lash glue on the middle part of the lash spine or the top part if you have hooded eyes (not on the bottom part of the spine) This will prevent falsies from looking droopy. 

6.) Curl lashes first and apply mascara to make your own lashes blend properly with the falsies.

7.) Position and stick falsies on the outer corners first, the middle then the inner corners last. Press firmly and angle your lashes upward to avoid droopy lashes. The inner corners come last and should be pressed on for a longer time with a little more pressure than the rest since this part tends to come off easily if not stuck properly.

8.) Practice Makes Perfect! Patience and persistence are the keys to perfect false eyelash application.