When it comes to looking your absolute best, Acie makes it easy. Being a makeup artist is her first love and she remembers her days as a young girl leafing through the pages of Vogue and Glamour, fascinated with a person’s magical transformation through the power of makeup. Her goal is to make every woman’s beauty shine through on the most important day of her life – be it a wedding, graduation, prom, opening of a stage show, or even one’s editorial shoot. As Acie shares, “Every woman is beautiful, it’s simply my job to remind her." 

1. When did your interest in makeup artistry start and how did you get into it?

My interest was always there since I was a young girl but never got to go into the formal and technical aspect of it until 2009. The turning point for me began with a cousin’s wedding in 2008 when I needed the services of an artist to glam me up for the event. It wasn’t quite what I expected as it didn’t turn out the way I wanted to look.

This dilemma was actually a reality for me even way before the event whenever I sought the services of a salon. Every time I went to a salon for a hair and makeup service I always ended up looking like a different person, either I looked like a drag queen (no offense to all the drag queens out there), or worse looking like a caricature of myself with heavy cake makeup.

I thought this was an opportune time to really delve into the artistry aspect and challenge myself to see if my point of view can be translated into a passion and a business. With the mushrooming of the makeup and cosmetology schools in the past few years, I took up the courage to enrol myself in a basic beauty course and see how far it would take me. I still keep up to date by attending seminars, workshops and classes just to refresh myself with the trends.

2. What does your daily beauty regimen look like?

I’m usually in a rush so most mornings I slap on a moisturiser, sunblock and lipstick or gloss. When I have 15 minutes to spare, I apply either a BB cream or a light foundation like MAKE UP FOR EVER Face and Body Foundation or MAC Face and Body. I do my brows, cheeks, lashes, and lips.

At night, I remove all the debris and makeup with Bioderma Micellar makeup remover and Shu Uemura cleansing oil. My skincare is from a line called Dermesse prescribed by my Dermatologist at LifeScience Philippines, and lately just discovered the Nelly De Vuyst skin products from SkinLux.

3. What’s your one beauty indulgence?

Facials and Laser treatments either from LifeScience and SkinLux when I have the time. 


4. Any beauty secret you learned from your mom?

My mom used lipstick as a blush alternative when she was too lazy to use the powder blush. It’s her Mcgyver product. Lately, I’m using the NARS Multiple stick in Copacabana and Malibu to apply blush, eye shadow and lipstick when I have no time to spare but need to look a little put together.

5. What is/are your must-have beauty product(s)?

Right now, I’m loving the Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder and Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Reducer. I’m all about skincare which is the most important aspect of beauty.

6. Best beauty discovery from abroad?

La Roche Posay and Embryolisse products. I love their moisturiser, lip treatment and sunblock! French in origin but considered pharmacy or drugstore brands in Europe, but you may get hold of these products online or in HK or Singapore pharmacies. I use these products on my clients and have received positive feedback from them. I try to get 2 bottles or tubes at a time since they are difficult to get here.

7. If you were to do the makeup for a famous personality, who would it be and why?

Model Vanessa Matsunaga and actress Marian Rivera are women that come to mind simply because of their timeless beauty and fabulous bone structure. Internationally it would have to be Mila Kunis who always has that sexy smouldering vibe whether she has makeup on or not.

8. What makeup trend/s do you find horrendous?

Chola Makeup – This is a Mexican standard of beauty where the eyebrows are thinned down to look like a sharpie pen and makeup is applied heavily. The look is garish and overly done. 

Theatrical makeup passed on as glamorous makeup – You see this a lot in YouTube videos where contour and highlight lines are visible and not blended. Eyes, eyebrows are heavily drawn and painted to emphasise a high definition look. Super thick lashes that are not appropriate to the eye shape. All you see is lashes and not the total beauty of the woman.


9. Who is the makeup artist you look up to the most and why?

Locally it is Fanny Serrano, Owen Sarmiento, Pong Niu, Omar Ermita, Denise Go Ochoa, Albert Kurniawan, Jen Delica and all my teachers who taught me all I needed to know in the field. They are all masters and geniuses of their craft, each with their point of view and expertise.

Internationally it is Bobbi Brown, Robert Jones, Kevyn Aucoin, Lisa Eldridge, Alex Box, Rae Morris, and Pat Mcgrath. I am inspired by their work and aspire to be like them in a way that challenges my skill and proficiency.

10. One word that best describes you?

May I use 4? Inspired. Work in progress.