Beautiful and effervescent Holly Chang, founder of Wink Laser & Wax Studio, shares with us her beauty secrets to achieving clear and translucent skin. Plus, she fills us in on the newest laser treatment called Revlite. 

1. When and how did you get involved in the beauty industry?

Wink started in 2012 because we wanted to offer laser hair removal treatments at reasonable prices without sacrificing hygiene quality. Initially, Wink only focused on hair removal services but we’ve slowly shifted into becoming a full laser studio by adding Revlite Laser Therapy. A year and a half later, Wink now has 3 locations (we’re opening our third location this June at Alabang Town Center)

I never thought that it would come to this (offering laser treatments for anything other than hair removal) but Revlite is too good not to share! It’s so exciting to be able to offer these effective treatments to people who appreciate Wink’s principles: hygiene and value.

2. Tell us about your newest Revlite Treatment at Wink Studio. What are the benefits and what makes it different from other laser procedures?

Revlite Laser Therapy is Wink’s newest laser treatment. It’s meant to target common skin problems like uneven skin tone, pigmentation, acne scars, enlarged pores, pimples, sun spots, and fine lines. It’s amazing because you used to have to undergo numerous procedures or use so many different products just to target all of those conditions but now there’s one machine that can target everything. We use it for underarm and bikini whitening as well. There are so many applications for it! It’s actually meant for tattoo removal, so you can only imagine how powerful the machine is.

I love it because it’s so quick (20 minutes tops) and it doesn’t leave your skin painful or with scars unlike traditional facials or other procedures. You don’t have to wait for your skin to recover just to see results, you can immediately feel your skin tighten and see it glowing right after. Then you can just go back to whatever you were doing before that! There’s no downtime, so you can wash your face, go to lunch, wear make up if you like—it’s really meant for “Wink girls”, girls who want to maintain great skin but would rather spend the extra time doing other activities.

3. What does your daily beauty regimen look like?

I spend quite a bit of time on my skin. I use the Proactiv line which is quite drying, so I always make sure my skin is extremely hydrated. In the morning I layer on face oil, serum and eye cream before applying sunscreen. Then at night instead of sunscreen, I’ll use a mask instead.

I can’t go to bed without doing my regimen–whenever I go to bed without washing my face, it’s a given that I’ll wake up to some pretty bad pimples in a couple of days. It’s pretty tedious, but I’ve always believed that if you take care of your skin, you don’t have to spend as much time covering it up. (Plus, if you don’t wear as much makeup it takes less time to wash off at night!)

4. What’s your one beauty indulgence?

Oils. Face oils, body oils, eye oils–I love all the different scents, it’s probably my favorite thing about it. Some of my favorites are Aesop Fabulous Face Oil, Vered Balancing Face Oil, Ila Body Oil, and Sundari Eye Oil.

5. Any beauty secrets you learned from your Mom?

I learned everything from my mom. Using sunscreen to avoid getting sun spots, keeping your brows tidy, getting laser hair removal to prevent dark underarms, looking younger by not wearing too much make up; haha I could go on forever, there are too many!


6. What is/are your must-have beauty products?

RMS Beauty Oil, RMS Living Luminizer, May Lindstrom’s Clean Dirt, K-Palette Brow Pen, and Carmex lip balm.

7. Best beauty discovery from abroad?

K-Palette Brow Pen! I don’t even remember how I ended up with it, but it’s the only make up item I use religiously. My mom makes fun of me because I use it even if I’m going swimming or to the beach. I used to hoard it whenever I’d go to Singapore or Hong Kong. I’m so happy they have it at Beauty Bar now!

8. If there is one beauty treatment/procedure you can’t live without, what would it be and why?

Revlite. I am addicted! There are just some things that products can’t fix. I’ve thrown away all my spot lightening and pore minimizing products since I started doing Revlite.

9. Where is your summer destination this year and what are you bringing to this trip?

Heading to Europe this summer with my family, so I’m definitely packing a lot of sunscreen for my face and body, and Proactiv’s refining mask for any breakouts I might have from the change of weather.

10. One word that best describes you?

Curious. I love learning about how things work and reading about the most random things. It has a lot to do with how I started Wink, constantly researching and reading about things that interest me. It’s always the last thing I do before I go to bed.

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