Hello Glambabes! It has been a while since my last review, as I’ve been waiting for the perfect new finds to share with you. I just found 2 products that are essential for starting things right.

EYE OF HORUS Precision Tweezers – There are many choices of tweezers out there from the very pricey to the drugstore kind.  I fell in love with this one from my favorite eye-enhancing brand. The black matte finish allows for the perfect grip and the tip is slanted just the right angle to catch even the tiniest of stray hairs. No accidental skin pinching with this one.

PIXI BY PETRA Flawless & Poreless Primer – I used to wonder about the point of a primer. I suppose that was before I tried a really good one.  The texture of this product is so light and it truly “melts into your skin” – it magically disappears like it is not there. Although unseen, it makes the color of your blush/eye shadow so much more vivid and lasting. I also like using it on its own, for a clean and simple look.

My Tips on Getting Primped & Primed:

1Grooming is essential to beauty.  This is the backend part we do not see.  You need to have a flawless canvass before you start creating your own special make up looks. Make sure you have a solid skincare routine to back up your cosmetics.

2. See a professional. Get a professional eyebrow threading or waxing every 2-3 months to keep your brows in shape. Then use the EOH Precision Tweezers to maintain and clean up in between sessions. Same goes for your skin, get a professional deep cleansing facial every 2-3 months as well.

3. Prioritize your layers No one likes a cake-y face. The pancake look may have been cool in the 80s but it just does not work today. When using a primer – skip your BB/CC cream. It is utterly redundant and quite impractical in these hot summer months.

4. Defining Moments. If you are lazy for a full on made-up face (like I am on most days), just make sure you and primped & primed then choose targeted highlights. Enhance your groomed brows with a brow definer, and complement your flawless complexion with the perfect pop of blush & gloss. Then off you go.

Remember Glambabes, often it is the things we DON’T SEE that are the most important of all. Life is complicated enough, when it comes to beauty – keep it clean and simple.



Vanessa aka #thevainmama