If you love playing with color, here are some tips and tricks that I personally follow in order to preserve the health and vibrancy of my hair color:

1. Use the right shampoo. 

Go gentle and choose one with zero sulfates, zero parabens, and a gentle formulation. I love Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo, a 100% vegan product that is specifically created for colored hair. I’ve been using this for almost 2 years, it’s gentle and really maintains the vibrancy of the color. 

Another good alternative is Snoe Agent Zero Cleansing Serum which I got from my Snoe Glamourbox. It is sulfate, fragrance, silicone-free and is great for use on hair and body. Perfect for those who have skin sensitivities, too.

2. Use a conditioning treatment

Hair that’s been chemically processed tends to become drier over time, use a hydrating and moisturizing conditioner to keep hair healthy. Try Pure Beauty Treatment Conditioner with Camellia Oil or Vanilla & Co. 60 Seconds Tress Tamer. You can also use argan oil on the tips 😉

3. Protect your hair from the sun

If you want your new hair color to last, you have to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun, too. Try Phytoplage which contains anti-dryness, anti-fade, anti-UV properties. Also try, Beach Hut Hair & Scalp Clear Spray Sunblock.

How do you take care of your colored hair? Share your tips with us!