Last year I learned that, for a certain section of the population, Valentine’s Day is not V-Day, as it has been cutely nicknamed. For some, February 14 is actually S.A.D., as in Single Awareness Day. But girls, listen up—there is no reason you should be sad on S.A.D. Here are suggestions for a fabulous Valentine’s, no boyfriend required:

Do a girls’ night out. I bet you there’ll be tons of like-minded singles on the prowl on a night that’s normally reserved for the couples of this world. Are they the only ones allowed to have fun? Grab your girls, get dressed up, hit the bar, and celebrate all the reasons why you’re glad you don’t have a guy checking on you every 30 minutes. One of the great things about being single is that you’re free to mingle, so do it on Feb. 14—especially on Feb. 14!

Take your Mom out on a date. Who says a boyfriend has to be your Valentine? Book reservations for two and treat her to a place she’s been dying to try that your Dad has yet to take her to. Okay, maybe Dad can come too.

Have a rom-com fest. Valentine’s this year falls on a Friday, so between that, payday weekend, plus tons of couples forcing themselves into concert venues or romantic restaurants because they simply feel obligated to celebrate, I’m thinking traffic will be off the charts. Stand in firm defiance of that by staying in, putting on your pajamas, microwaving some popcorn, and going through a lineup of your favorite Star Cinema/Rachel McAdams hits. Not many guys would sit through that kind of movie marathon with you, so do it now while you can!

Hit the gym. Who needs a date when you can give yourself a fitter body, better health, and an endorphin rush, to boot? Go for a run, schedule a tennis game, or sign up for a yoga class and sweat it out. You’ll be so engrossed in listening to your body, you’ll probably even forget it’s Valentine’s Day!

However you choose to celebrate, remember: Valentine’s is an opportunity to express how you feel—even if it isn’t to a significant other. Give some love to your girlfriends, your dog… even yourself!

Whether single or coupled, how are you planning to spend V-Day?