Here are few tips and tricks on how to keep your makeup intact this holiday season.


Use primer on the face before applying foundation or powder. It makes the foundation sit smoothly on the skin, last longer and keeps unwanted shine at bay. Try Face Atelier Ultra Matte. Use primer on your eyelids, too, as base for your eyeshadow. Choose one with shimmer and top with metallic or frosted eyeshadow for that party effect that will last all night, such as Urban Decay in Sin.

Tip: Use a blending sponge such as Holika Holika’s Pure Mellow Multi-Puff for a flawless, air-brushed finish!


For liners, go for gel liners as it is smudge and budge-free! Work out a cat eye liner for an instant eye lift. I like to use MAC Fluid Line in Blacktrack. If you’re not a fan of gel liners, the easiest to go are waterproof eyeliners. My favorite is Eye of Horus Liquid Define Eye Liner in Black as it glides smoothly on skin and resistant to oil or sweat. It’s very long lasting!

I also recommend the Eye of Horus Goddess Pencils which come in different colors that you can experiment with such as Teal and Bronze. Then finally, finish your lashes with waterproof mascara. Put 3 or 4 layers as the eyes look sexier when lashes have more volume!


A finishing powder to set everything is a sure step to keep your makeup intact. Lightly apply on the face, even on top of your lips, with a face brush! Try Palgantong Theatrical Powder or Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Powder for an air-brushed look. Lastly, put shimmer on the cheeks, just right above the check bones for an added party effect.


If you want to make sure your makeup sets perfectly and lasts long even under extreme conditions, spray a light mist of setting spray on your face as a last step, after your finishing powder. Try MAC Fix+ or Make Up For Ever’s Mist & Fix.

Now, it’s time to party!!!! 😉



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