As much as I love Christmas, we’ve got to admit it’s also one of the most stressful times of year. The combination of traffic, wall-to-wall social engagements, and last-minute gift shopping is enough to wear anyone out!

It’ll be impossible to book a three-hour spa appointment in the midst of all the activity, but I think squeezing in little time-outs when you can is absolutely necessary for your sanity. How else are you going to remind yourself to be grateful for all the blessings you’ve received? Here are some of my suggestions to get you back in the holiday spirit when you feel your inner Grinch taking over.

Open a gift! Screw EQ for a second and forget waiting ‘til Christmas Eve. Pick out one (just one!) package among your stash which you’re absolutely dying to see the contents of and tear it right open—it’ll awaken the kid inside who loved receiving presents. Revel in that joy for a bit, then go right back to wrapping the gifts you’ll be giving!

Watch a holiday movie. Pick something tried-and-tested that always gets you in the spirit. Need recommendations? This month, the Glamourbox Team is listing down some of our fave Christmas flicks. It’ll give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside! Enhance the experience by sipping warm hot chocolate and snuggling with someone you love.

Reach out. If you have relatives who won’t be able to make the trip home this year, e-mail them, message them, or even snail mail them a Christmas card. That feeling of reconnecting and spreading Christmas cheer will rejuvenate you, lift your spirits… and recharge you for another round of IRL get-togethers. Cheers!

Find some me-time. Christmas is all about giving love, but don’t forget to give yourself some lovin’ too. Paint your nails a festive color, buy yourself a gift (like a kick-ass holiday outfit), and indulge in all the sweet, yummy treats. I like to relax by taking a nice, long shower with my new favorite body wash (which I discovered in this month’s Secret Santa-themed Glamourbox!), Goat’s Milk and Almond Bath Cream from The Cream Factory. Infused with real goat’s milk, the sweet vanilla scent reminds me of all the dessert I’ll be eating!

How do you like to de-stress in the middle of the holidays?