Christmas shopping on a budget? The Glamourbox Team asked me to put together a list of gift picks, with one catch – nothing should cost more than P500. Challenge accepted! Here are some of the fab finds I came up with…

For the fashionista: Necklaces, P129.75-P479.75, Landmark

Here’s a tip from my stylist friends: department stores are treasure troves for trendy accessories at prices you won’t believe. You’ll easily find one that’s so “her!”

For the cool dude: Socks, P245, Topman

I found pairs with the cutest designs: reindeer, sharks, seals. It’ll keep his feet nice and cozy!

For the hyper-organized: Stradmore planners, P79.75, National Book Store

Came across pocket-sized ones in cool prints (as in leopard, stripes, glen plaid—fab, right?). She’ll have fun while jotting down her plans all year long.

For the do-gooder: iPhone case, P299, Mio Fights Cancer at

She’ll feel even better knowing proceeds for sales go toward helping young Mio win his battle against leukemia.  

For the coffee addict: Mugs, P249, Rajo! for National Book Store

In gold, silver, and black and white, it’s the chic way to enjoy your morning brew.

For the sweet tooth: Salted Caramel cupcakes, P450 for 6, Vanilla Cupcakes

My new favorite cupcake place offers the latest ‘it’ flavor at just P75 per piece—so a half dozen is well within budget. Score!

For the homebody: Fragrance oil diffusers, P450 for 30ml, roy&biv

Scented candles and potpourri are so 2000-late. This is a pretty way to get your space to smell good, and it works!

For the beach bum: Shades, P299-P499,

A girl can never have enough shades! This site is a great online depository for ultra trendy styles.

For the aspiring writer: Notebooks, P95-P325, Muji

According to a friend, Muji makes the best notebooks in town—and I believe her!

For the couch potato: Fleece blanket, P150, SM Surplus Shop 

She’ll reach for this every time she settles in for a movie marathon.

For the amateur chef: Kitchen Fragrance in Choco Cappuccino, P250, Zen Zest

Kitchens should always smell yummy, and a few sprays of this will banish any scent that’s unsavory. Limited edition and included in this month’s Secret Santa Glamourbox—so I know it’s a keeper!

I hope these help, and I can’t wait to hear all about your budget shopping gift picks!