The limited edition PIXI Brillance Balm in “Tinkerbell” was one of my first beauty reviews for Glamourbox. It is heart warming to see how far the site has come since then. Congratulations to the whole team!

I was so excited to receive a new product from PIXI called “Lip & Line” inNo. 4 Nectar Nude. Here is my review on the product and some of my personal tips on how to maximize usage.


DUO PRODUCT – I love multi-use products as you know and this one fits the bill. The two sides with varying sharpness for lining & lipstick use are practical and so easy to use.

SMOOTH AS SILK – The texture of this product is amazing. Felt silky and moisturizing on my lips.

LIGHT AS A FEATHER – My makeup kit keeps getting heavier with all my new finds. The PIXI lip & Line is great because even if packaging was lovingly designed, it is also so lightweight (unlike some luxury brands sadly). When you are a mom and need to carry a bag + kids, every pound counts!

UNIVERSAL SHADE – I love this Nectar nude shade because it can be used as a base for any lipstick. Applying this before your lipstick or tinted lip balm will make the finish more even and the color more lasting.


A BIT TOO NUDE – It’s probably my coloring, too, but this particular shade can’t be used alone as a lipstick for me. Should be fine if I get a shade that is a bit more pigmented. That being said, I would still get Nectar Nude as the perfect base coat for all my lipsticks.


I definitely recommend PIXI LIP & LINE. It’s a great multi-use product that is priced reasonably and does not weigh a ton.Some personal tips:

  • Get a darker shade if you want to use this as a lipstick too. Nectar Nude is a great base product for all your other lipsticks.
  • Apply your liner outside your lips if you want to create a “fuller” look.
  • Use a lip scrub and exfoliate 2x a week. This makes you lip products easier to apply and you avoid the ugly flaky skin.
  • Using a lipliner is a little tedious but it really helps make your lip color stay in place.

Have a bright & colorful Christmas!

Your Purveyor of Beauty,

VANESSA aka #thevainmama