If you read about my sense of style, I’m very minimal when it comes to accessories (I’m a ring, earrings and watch girl). But sometimes, I do make exceptions especially when I come across elegant and eye-catching accessories. In keeping up with the Christmas theme, here are some pieces I would surely wear during the Holidays:

Holiday 2013 Bracelets by Aurora Manila – love how chic they look! Whether you wear them alone or pile up a few bracelets together, they’ll look great on any outfit!

Statement Necklaces by Fabulosa – I don’t normally wear necklaces, but I think these would easily add some life to one of my casual looks –denim jeans, ballet flats and a plain shirt.

Stockton Row – the newest brand to hit the fashion scene is Stockton Row and they offer quite an assortment of elegant and edgy neckpieces perfect for layering. 

What about you, what are your accessories of choice for the holiday season?