Since Christmas break is just right around the corner, we know you Glambabes have awesome vacations planned out – which is why in today’s blog post, we decided to list down three ways to stay smooth and hairless. Whether it’s a bikini wax you need, or flawless legs you want to achieve, here are the low-downs on the different ways to stay hair-free.

1. Shave it

While shaving is the fastest way to remove unwanted hair on your legs and other areas (it’s also the cheapest since you can do this by yourself!), it can cause your skin to darken (especially the underarms!) or result in uneven growth. Shaving can also cause stubbles as it creates a blunt edge, which makes the hair appear thicker as it grows. You can also read about shaving here

If you’re in a hurry or have no time to wax those legs or armpits, make sure that you use the proper tools and shaving cream. Be gentle with the razor, and always use one that isn’t rusty yet. To avoid getting dark underarms, use Snoe’s Under Armed Forces Whitening Cream available at the Glamourbox Online Boutique. For healthier skin, you should also use a moisturizing lotion like Hollywood Style Whitening Lotion to soothe and achieve silky smooth legs.

2. Laser it

Opposite to shaving is the new technology of hair removal through laser. This can be an expensive procedure, but it’s worth it because you never have to worry about shaving or waxing those armpits or legs again.

3. Wax it

 In between shaving and getting a laser hair removal is waxing. It’s a lot friendlier in terms of price and it’s also friendlier on your skin. A lot of waxing salons offer armpit and leg hair removal, but if you’re more comfortable doing it yourself, you can check out Strip It Hair Removal Cold Wax. Unlike wax that you have to heat up and where the pain can be unbearable, Strip It Hair Removal Cold Wax has a formula that is a lot more tolerable – made with natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. The results? Hair is unseen for up to four weeks! With continued use, the hair can be lessened. It also appears softer and thinner. You can avail Sugaring Kits, and Pre and Post Sugaring Care Products by visiting Strip It’s page.

Have a happy Holiday vacation, Glambabes!