I already feel the Christmas rush – traffic everywhere, long lines at the register, malls teeming with people, it’s enough to drive you at your wit’s end just trying to find the perfect gift for your friends and family. 

If you want to take the easy route and lessen the stress of Holiday shopping, then read on as I suggest some of my favorite Glamourbox gift sets. 

1. For your loving sister

Got a sister who just loves the sweet and warm scent of vanilla? Then get the Bath & Body Gift Set from Vanilla & Co. It’s proudly proudly made in the Philippines and will transform your bathroom into a sweet-smelling spa. This set includes a moisturizing body wash and a handy face and body moisturizer. Perfect for travelling, too!

2. For your Mom or your boyfriend’s Mom (additional brownie points!)

Restore your skin’s natural youthful beauty with the Skin Savers Gift Set. This set is comprised of the famous Obuasi African Soap that helps control skin breakouts and lessen large pores, the gentle Baby My Baby Skin that contains chock-full of emu oil to moisturize and nourish skin, and finally the Kosmea Organic Rose Hip Oil infuses skin with anti-oxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins that repair and maintain skin’s radiance. This is the perfect gift for Moms (or anyone who wants to get started on their anti-aging routine), they will surely thank you for it!

3. For your kikay best friend

No need to rack your brain over what to get your very kikay and very trendy best friend. Our Three of a Kind Gift Set contains 1 LASplash Glamorous Shadow and 3 LASplash Nail Polishes, but the best part is you can have fun customizing the set to suit her tastes. 

So there you have it! You know what the best part it? These all come in a classy gift box and you can just easily purchase them online. Sweet, huh? You can check out the other Glamourbox gift sets here. 

Happy shopping!