Ah, Christmas. The endless loop of carols, traffic on the streets, and festive décor everywhere are reminders that the holidays are upon us. And with it comes yet another excuse to hit the malls: Christmas shopping!

While I don’t enjoy the stress that comes with standing in long lines and jostling for position with throngs of other shoppers, I love being able to make friends and family happy by surprising them with something you know they’ve always wanted. Here are a few pointers to help make holiday shopping a little less stressful:

1. Start early. I’m going to be honest – November is already “early” for me. I try to write my list by then so I can plan my shopping and wrapping strategy. It won’t hurt to start now! And if, during a random mall run, you see a necklace you know would look great on your mom, grab it! You may not come across it again if you come back later.

2. Hit the bazaars. When you still can’t decide what to get someone, a stroll through one of these helps. I love picking up little novelty items and stuff you won’t see at the malls. There’s a string of bazaars happening until December 22, so keep an eye out for great and affordable finds!

3. Generic or personal? Definitely personalize it for family and BFFs. For people you don’t know as well but that you’d still like to give to, like your friendly building security guard who brightens your mornings with a cheerful greeting, I like to give food, especially stuff I myself love to eat!

4. Give the gift of beauty. By far, beauty products are my favorite things to give girlfriends. It feels personal because it’s something they could really use, yet truthfully, it’s a no-brainer—‘cause every girl loves getting something kikay! My surefire pleasers: funky nail polish, prettily packaged lip balm, yummy-smelling bath gel. If I’m giving makeup, I try to match it to their style or skin tone. Fun! 

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What are your Christmas shopping tips? Let me know, and happy shopping!