Last July 2013 was the first time I got to visit the beautiful island of Puerto Prinsesa. It’s always been one of my goals to visit all these wonderful places in the Philippines (there’s just so much to see and experience!), and I’m thankful that playing disc helps me a lot in achieving that goal.

That time I went to Palawan, I actually participated in the first Palawan Open tournament – Hardline 2013. It took place for two days—the round robin during the first day, and the quarters, semis and finals during the second day.

My team was lucky enough to have won first place and be hailed as champions. I was even luckier to bag the Female MVP award.

After the tournament, we had a little time to go around. My teammates and I decided to take a quick road trip to the Underground River, which was incredibly fascinating!

Two things that never left my bag the entire trip were my SunTervention sun block and my Carmex lip balm. These are essentials, especially when playing in a tournament that exposes you under the sun from 10am to 5pm! These were also crucial when I visited the Underground River, to protect my skin and refrain from getting sunburned, and to always make sure my lips were moisturized.

Even back home, these are two products I always use. SunTervention has SPF 80, which keeps my skin constantly safe and prevents early signs of aging. Carmex on the other hand relieves my bad habit of peeling my lips, which makes applying lipstick or lip gloss a lot smoother.

It’s easy to avail both items. Just visit any Snoe branch (I always visit the one in Hypermart), or log on to and use your earned Glamourpoints to purchase these products! (Want to read more on how to earn those Glamourpoints? Click here.)

Travel in style by always having SunTervention and Carmex in your purse! These are definitely two things you’ll need anywhere and everywhere you go.