I am having a lipstick moment. It’s gotten to the point that I’ve planned outfits around what shade I want to wear. I even packed four different lipsticks for a trip – one for each ensemble. Normal, right?

Okay, maybe I’m hitting obsession levels here. But because I’ve discovered that strong lips is the ultimate lazy-girl makeup, and lately I just don’t have the energy for eyeliner (I once went through an eyeliner phase), lipstick is my current obsession. Here are the ones on heavy rotation:

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage I’ve written about this before, but my love for it is so epic, I have to talk about it again! The perfect matte fuchsia, this shade is so eye-catching that my girlfriends once passed it around the table at brunch so we could take turns seeing how it looked on everybody. And it looked good on everybody.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout You know you love a lipstick when you use it down to the nub. This is one of the few I’ve experienced that with – I almost shed tears when it was time to throw it away! At first I thought it was so pale I’d look like a corpse. Turns out, it was just the thing to balance out dark, smoky eyes. So sexy for when you’re feeling a little rock and roll.

Ofra Lipstick # 205 A bright, notice-me pink, perfect for everyday use – I’ve even begun to treat it like a neutral. (Who knew bright pink could be a neutral? It is, in my book!) The best part is that it doesn’t dry out lips, which most matte lipsticks tend to do. But the pigment is so rich that it won’t feel like a trade-off!      

You might notice that all of these are on the pink side – the easiest shade to wear, in my opinion. It’s a good place to start before graduating to the heavier reds and oranges, a great way to ease into the world of statement lips for the newbies. Hey, it’s where I started!

 As for the clothes-planning part – I love a pink lip with a graphic black and white outfit. So punk! It’s also dainty-pretty with pastels (for lunch with your boy’s parents) and date-ready with jeans and a tee.

What are your favorite pinks? Tell me so I can give it a try!