A model, beauty queen and a certified aesthetician – there’s no denying of Mafae Yunon-Belasco’s love for beauty! Learn a thing or two from the Bb. Pilipinas-World 2003 title-holder as she shares with us her beauty secrets & tips:

1. You are a model and beauty queen, and recently we found out, also an aesthetician. How do you balance work and family life?

Yes, being a wife and a mother my inspiration to achieve more is endless. My family is what helps keep my drive to working harder. My children are always a priority but they also know why their dad & I work so hard – for them to live a comfortable life. Balancing my time is always one thing I make sure I do. Every second of the day I constantly think about health, wealth & happiness. I apply this in anything I am doing. For example, when I spend time with my children for homework I always tell them that you have to feed your brain with energy food, love the time for school & be happy that you have education to help you for the future.  

2. As an aesthetician, what’s the best advice you can give women on maintaining great skin?

Skincare is special to my heart & I do believe in what you eat is what you are. Money should not be an issue when maintaining good skin. We don’t need to purchase the most expensive product to clean or moisturize our faces. Food & water intake is the first & foremost to engaging that healthy-looking skin. Next comes exercise. Start there & you will feel & see the change already.

3. What does your daily beauty regimen look like?

Daily routine is waking up at 6am to get the kids ready for school. I also clean my face and drink a glass of water with Barley Wheat Grass. After dropping the kids to school I then go to Plyometrics workout for 30mins with Coach John and alternate with Coach Julie Dela Cruz for Crossfit exercises. All you need is 30 mins a day for exercise. Then off to work at Jing Monis Salon for the exciting events we willl have or organize for the future. After that its back home to prepare a healthy dinner for my family. 

imageMafae rocking the red carpet and runway

4. What’s your one beauty indulgence?

Right now its the Moroccan Argan Oil from Organix. Its helped my face feel fresh and smooth since I have been using it. It has also kept my hair color bright and looking healthy.

5. Any beauty secret that you learned from your mom?

As a mom the main thing I have learned is to keep a balanced life. To find time for myself even if its 30 mins. a day. Stress needs to be minimized because with a family of four kids you just never know what the day will be like. 

6. What is your must-have beauty product?

Same as question 4, and the Ever Bilena lip gloss. I cannot live without lip gloss.

7. Best beauty discovery from abroad?

Abroad I have learned especially living in a four season countries ( Australia, Sydney and USA, San Francisco) that you have to keep your skin moisturized at all times. I had found this product Aquaphor, it is a thick moisturizer that has the same texture as Vaseline. It definitely kept my elbows and knees hydrated. It also helped my kids’ skin healthy.


With husband PBA Star Nic Belasco

8. What useful makeup trick did you learn from being a beauty queen/model?

I may also have to thank art class for this but the simple knowledge of knowing the “Color Wheel”. I am now able to determine the contrast of making the perfect concealer for me. It does take time to understand again but thanks to wonderful makeup artist Mhike Gonzales he reminding me on using the “Color Wheel” to perfect my makeup.

9. You love fashion and you are always attuned with the latest trends. If you were to raid someone’s closet, whose closet would it be and why?

I consider myself to the term “Work hard and Play Harder” so my “PEG” women in my life right now to help my lifestyle comfortable are Rihanna for comfort and playfulness. The other is Angelina Jolie, as a mother of four also she has the epitome of a graceful mature lady style that I love.

10. One word that best describes you?


Credits: Family photo by Mau Mauricio; Nic & Mafae photo by Sean Armenta.