I love doing my brows in the morning. I spend a good 10 minutes shaping them to perfection, even mixing several products to match my current hair color. Brows are important as they help frame the face and change our overall look.

If you’re new to the brow thing, here’s a shortlist of our top picks to help you out: 

1. IN2IT Waterproof Eyebrow Colour

Admittedly, my first eyebrow product ever! This is great for those who are on a budget yet prefer a long-wearing, sweat-proof (and even oil-proof) product. a nice eyebrow brush made with natural bristles is your best tool for this. 

2. Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eye Brow Pencil

This is one of my favorite brow products. The Walnut shade is perfect for light-medium skin tones, most especially for ladies who sport lighter hair colors. The naginata-shaped tip makes it easy to define and shade brows, but this can only be sharpened at Shu Uemura boutiques. 

3. PIXI Beauty Brow Duo

In a jiffy? Need to pack light? Then try the Pixi Beauty Brow Duo: one end houses a waterproof pencil while the other end houses a tinted soft-hold gel to keep unruly brows in place. 

4. Empro Triangular Brow Pencil

You guessed it, the triangular tip makes all the difference! Use the thicker tip to draw the first half of the brows, and then use the thinner tip to draw the tail. On the other end is a very dense spoolie brush that helps keep strays in place. Another plus, the eyebrow pencil is made of all-natural ingredients that actually help promote hair growth! 

5. MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy

If you’ve recently lightened your hair color and don’t want to switch brow products, then try the cult favorite MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy. It features a dark blonde share with subtle gold shimmer and is great used on top of eyebrow base (pencil, gel, etc.), or as is. It’s great for adding dimension to brows and lightening it a bit. Stays on all day, too!

Do you love your brows as much as we do? Share your tried and tested favorites with us!

– Kira