Oh my G! Filipino-American actress and Mega YDC All-Stars host Giselle Tongi-Walters shares with us her beauty secrets and must-haves:

1. When did you start acting and how did you get into it?

I started acting professionally at 16. I was discovered by a director, Eric Quizon, who brought me to Regal Films. I was signed to a 16 picture 4 year contract soon after. To date, I’ve done close to 40 feature length films.

2. You are considered as one of the most beautiful faces in the industry. How do you keep yourself young-looking?

I have regular facials at Facial Care Center and try to stay out of the sun. If I do go to the beach, I lather up on sunscreen.

3. What does your daily beauty regimen look like?

I moisturize before I put my makeup on as often as I can. If I don’t have work, I let my skin breath by not wearing makeup. I also make sure to take my makeup off if I am wearing it during the day.  

4. What’s your one beauty indulgence? 

My moisturizer from Creme De La Mer is my ultimate indulgence! 

5. Any beauty secret that you learned from your mom?

She taught me how to cleanse my skin using milk and calamansi to naturally make scrubs for the face.


6. What is/are your must-have beauty product(s)?

A concealer and a curl lash.

7. Best beauty discovery from abroad? 

 I have a tanning lotion I love called Maui Babe that I order on Amazon!

8. What beauty trend do you find horrendous?

Botox freaks me out!

9. If you were to raid someone’s closet, whose closet would it be and why?

J. Lo has a pretty fab wardrobe! Considering she is in her forties and still looks so amazing.

10. One word that best describes you.

Gregarious 🙂 


Photos courtesy of Bottega Studio by Mau and Au Mauricio.