How do you like your fragrance? Musky, fruity, floral? Personally, I like my fragrances citrusy or fruity, nothing too heady or cloying please. Fragrances say a lot about a person, it announces your arrival and leaves a memorable olfactory trail once you leave the room. It is, therefore, important to choose your signature or favorite scent wisely.  


Last month I was invited to the intimate launch of CLEAN fragrances, a line inspired by soap and the simple pleasures of life – like clean sheets, a mug of hot chocolate, and the pitter patter of rain on the window sill (*cue your favorite love song here, haha*)

Together with a few beauty bloggers, we were made to experience CLEAN fragrances and their core ingredients that made each perfume special. 


Krissy and Shen were giddy about spritzing the new perfumes!


With Angela and Liz

CLEAN dreamed of a different kind of scent, something that was fresh, unpretentious and pure and thus came out with their first line in 2003 with scents aptly named “Warm Cotton”, “Fresh Laundry”, “Skin”, etc. This time though, they launched their newest addition named “Rain” which essentially captures how everything would smell like after a fresh rainfall.

The scents are simply amazing, and I encourage everyone to take a whiff at the nearest Rustan’s store. Out of the selection, these two scents were the ones that stood out the most, CLEAN RAIN and CLEAN ULTIMATE.


CLEAN Rain has the delectable scent of melon with the elegance of musk and impressively lasts hours after your first spritz. It has now taken permanent residency in my bag and it’s my go-to fragrance for work, dates and after office events. My second choice would be CLEAN ULTIMATE which features a light jasmine scent, the perfect choice for date nights. 

Care to share your favorite fragrance of the moment?