Last June, I met the lovely Tina Lagdameo (one of the women behind Plana Forma) to discuss a partnership between Plana FORMA and Glamourbox. Little did I know that this meeting would lead to a new addiction of mine.

Plana Forma incorporates the key principles and techniques of Physique 57. Co-Founder and Director for Training Julie Alagde, combined her experience in dance, pilates, youga and sports to come up with a fun, highly addictive, and dynamic workout. Ultimately, it tones the arms and thighs and strengthens the abdominals for a sculpted physique.


I had been warned by friends that it wasn’t easy. That caught my curiosity and wanted to try it even more.  So I went for a trial class.  The class starts with a short warm up that involves push-ups and bicep curls. Then you move on to your thighs and butt, where you do pulses of varied positions and degrees of movement. The smaller the movement is, the more you are working your muscles.  Then you move to your calves and finally, your abs. In between you rest by doing stretches or dance movements. The whole 55-minute workout is dynamic, you work with the weights, ball or belt; you lean on the barre, work on the mat or on your back.

To be honest, I struggled to finish the sprints! Mind you, I do kickboxing and core classes so it’s not like I have zero physical activity. But the repetition of the small movements made me feel the burn in my muscles. It hurt in good way! I got instantly hooked and went back 3 times since then. Part of its charm is that no two classes are exactly the same so you are constantly challenged. I am planning to sign up in one of the packages and do it once a week (if schedule permits!). Must I add, the staff at Plana FORMA at the Fort are very friendly and polite. The facilities are clean and well-maintained, and the instructors are very capable.


I highly recommend Plana FORMA for toning and sculpting. If you are unsure, just do a trial class to see it fits you. FORMA Classes are divided into various levels— Intro offers the basic language and technique to attain correct form and execution; Beginner has a series of muscle sprints and stretches, incorporating dance, yoga and pilates elements; Mixed has more movements and cardiovascular value; and Intermediate has added variations, longer sprints and intense level changes and directions.

Want to try it out? Here are some tips to remember:
1) Make sure you make an appointment before coming to class. Classes can get full rather quickly. Walk-ins get last priority.
2) For first-timers, you are required to buy the nonslip socks (P300). You get to avail of 2 classes for the price of one (P650) or unlimited classes for P3,000 on your first month.
3) Don’t be late! When warm up is done, door will be closed and you won’t be allowed to attend the ongoing class.
4) Don’t forget to bring water to keep you hydrated.

Have you tried Plana FORMA? How did you find it?

For more information, visit Plana FORMA and register now. Glamourbox Bridal Bliss subscribers, don’t forget to use your free trial vouchers at Plana FORMA, valid until October 31, 2013 only!