The daily commute, sun exposure, unhealthy diet (hello junk foods!) and stress may result to our skin looking drab and lifeless. Every month, I schedule my peeling sessions like clockwork. Even with a good skin care regimen, a mild diamond peel can help slough off dead skin cells and increase the absorption of our skin care products. 


A few weeks ago, I had a relaxing facial at SKIN Dermatology & Laser Centre, Fort. I was greeted by their famous Ginger Tea (warm and yummy) and then ushered into a private room where my facial would take place. 


The 8-step procedure includes a gentle cleansing to remove makeup, a non-abrasive mask, massage, etc. to ensure that clients receive the utmost satisfaction and the best service possible. My facialist that day was very gentle and her pressure (while massaging my face, back and shoulders) was just perfect. I was about to doze off to la-la-land…


The most-awaited, and star of this procedure is their signature Diamond Peel. I love how gentle the entire process was without making my skin red or raw towards the end, unlike other peeling procedures. 

I will definitely book another Ultimate Diamond Facial for this month, so my skin can breathe and absorb all of my moisturizers’ nutrients. 

What about you, what is your monthly beauty indulgence?