Can you believe it? It’s been nine months since the unveiling of the first Glamourbox in November 2012! It’s really crazy how time flies so fast. Because of the flock of subscriptions we’ve been getting the past few months, Glamourbox is getting bigger, better and bolder!

We’re giving our website a makeover. With a sleeker and more elegant design, online shopping is made more exciting and convenient. New features have been added to make your shopping a better experience, including exciting online promos for Glamourbox members. Get a chance to win in our frequent raffles, simply by subscribing to be a member!

Not only that, Glamourbox is partnering up with even more local and international brands and products, which will be available exclusively in our online boutique. Some of these include Empro Cosmetics, a well-known Malaysian cosmetic brand founded by Coco Alex. Known for its Triangular Brow Pencil, this makes it easy to draw a thick line for the first half of the brow, while the thinner tip creates a thin line towards the outer half of the brow. It also contains a brow brush to even out the shades used. Another partner is Face Atelier, a popular makeup brand among professional makeup artists, has a wide range of liquid foundation that can be adjusted to match your skin tone! Lastly, Model’s Own—a British brand that offers an array of colorful nail polishes, from rich and bold to light and pastel, and nail art!

Because we’re committed to discovering the best beauty products and secrets from all over the world, our job is to develop a community where members and beauty junkies can share their own finds.

Glamourbox isn’t just about sifting through brands and products that we can put together and deliver to your doorstop every month. We’re also about promoting these finds online and making it available to you, especially if these are hard to find.

With the Glamourbox Online Boutique expanding and improving to serve you better, make sure to sign up and be a member today! Whether it’s cosmetics, skincare products, or bath and body items that you’re looking for—you’ll be sure to find the crème-de la-crème in our bigger, better and bolder boutique.

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