If there’s a beauty no-no that I’m guilty of, it would be skipping exfoliation. They say that it’s one of the secrets to smooth, radiant skin, as it gets rid of the flaky surface skin that clogs pores. Done only twice or twice a week, it’s usually what I forget to keep track of. I have sensitive skin too, which makes me even more hesitant to add another step (and another product) in my cleansing routine!


When I received my own Bridal Bliss Box, one of the things that piqued my curiosity was the Nippon Esthetic Solution’s Facial Sponges. I’ve never tried a product like this before, plus, its claim of removing stubborn makeup and grime while sloughing of my dead skin cells sounded amazeballs. I decided, then, to put it to the test with my usual day makeup, consisting of concealer, powder foundation, eyebrow powder and lip product.

The sponge, as I held it for the first time, was pretty stiff. I found that I had to soak it in water first to soften the product. Only then can I use it. I grabbed my Avene Cleanance Gel Cleanser, oozed a few drops on my palm, and massaged it on my face. Then, with the wet sponge, I wiped it off; whatever remained, I rinsed with water. The result? Smooth, even-toned and squeaky-clean skin!

Nippon’s Facial Sponges, to my awe, is such an efficient product! Turns out I only needed a cleansing tool to get me excited about exfoliating. The more I use it, the more I get addicted to it. I now find myself counting each day of the week, figuring out when my next sloughing session will be! Plus, I don’t see the need of adding another product in my regimen anymore. I’m glad to have been introduced to this product from the Bridal Bliss Box!