The Bridal Bliss Box featured a lot of skin-perfecting products to prepare every bride-to-be for her upcoming special day. Another product I was able to try, from the same brand that boasts my now favorite BareNaturals Lip Stix in Butterfly Kisses, is BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Liquid Primer—which is so perfect for my combination skin type. 


As someone who’s always on the go, I keep my makeup very minimal and light. A quick swipe of my bb cream, flavor of the week lip gloss/lip butter and some blush has always been my go-to look. 

Another reason I like to keep my makeup light is that I have sensitive skin and am very prone to breaking out. I like to use products only recommended by my dermatologist, and when I’m introduced to something new by a family member or a friend, I tend to become skeptic.

I was never really one to use primers before, only because I thought it added more to the makeup I was already applying—and I’m not really a fan of thick or heavy makeup. But curiosity killed the cat when I read about BareNaturals Skin Perfecting Primer, especially because it was non-pore clogging and was made from pure ingredients. Every Bridal Bliss Box comes with a 30 ml bottle. When I squirted some on my hand, it felt runny and feathery. I tried it with my usual go-to look.

I loved it! It kept my face free from oil, and it blended well with my blush and BB cream that it helped my makeup stay the whole day. It has a refreshing smell, too. Aside from Squalane and Vitamin E, which keeps the skin healthy and youthful, it also contains Real Pearl Powder that heals, brightens, detoxifies, and protects the skin. The Tea Tree ingredient is good for pimple problems, which is good for someone who has the same skin type as me.

Because the primer helps makeup last throughout the day, I would really recommend using it on the Big Day. The light feel of it, combined with its mattifying effects, ensures you need not worry about your makeup on your special day.

– Gretchen